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I started helping startups and small business owners a few years ago now, when I decided to create a Facebook group, before it was really a 'thing'. I would scour the internet searching for anything a young budding entrepreneur would need to know - I guess I was curating a whole load of 'how to guides' and sharing them with people who needed them. 

It took an interesting turn one evening when I decided to change my career, from accounting and youth work. I applied for an internship and took the opportunity to learn everything I could about content marketing, events and small business funding. It was there I got to work with some incredible people and companies including Shaa Wasmund MBE,  O2 and Santander. 

Then in January 2015, I decided to create Just Entrepreneurs. I wanted to not only share what I knew, but work with and inspire anyone who wanted to take a chance on themselves and run a business. I was now a mother of two beautiful children, working very long hours and running an online business. Recipe for success you say? 

Now 2 years later, I am working with some incredible entrepreneurs, some who are running very conventional businesses and others who are doing things a little different; including taking on blogging as a business. 

I have a team of dedicated supporters, who for some reason decided to work with me, and have gotten useto seeing me at my desk typing away with a 9 month old on my lap. Such a pro!

We love remote working, because I believe freedom coupled with business is amazing. You may find us in a cafe, at our usual desk space, snuggled on our sofa or even in the park (when it's sunny obviously).

If you're now wondering how I can help you, let's talk. 


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