What we look for in guest content:

Our message: We are always searching for new and innovative content that our audience will find beneficial. Give our site a browse and look at the sort of content we like to share or that we have already written ourselves. The requirement is simply new content, that is current, sparks interest and of course, you’re the best person to write about it, you’re the expert.



Our usual length is 700 to 850 words, but we do accept articles that are longer.  Articles over 1300 words, are quite long, but please submit for consideration.


What articles do we accept? 

All content on Just Entrepreneurs looks to educate, motivate and inspire, so we will accept articles that align with this. We are especially interested in articles that that gives an insight into current trends and those with actionable advice.

Articles that are not focused on giving our readers actionable advice will not be considered by our editors. They must be usable tips that a reader can put into action straight away.


What sources can you use? 

Please use reliable sources for all articles. We welcome internal links to our previous articles as well as external links to your website, but would really like to see more links that offer accurate and relevant information, so readers can find more information on the topic.


Ready to send to us? – please read here first:

·      Please proof your article before submitting it to us, this is required as standard for all articles.

·      Double check your sources and links. If you have quoted someone or used a statistic, please link out to your source. This is to help readers to continue learning and researching the topic.

·      Financial relationships:  Please disclose any financial relationships between yourself and the article you are submitting. It is against our policy to publish articles from contributors who have sold links to individuals or companies. Any contributor found to be violating these policies will be result in your article being removed from our site or we will take away the ability to have your articles published indefinitely.

·      Is this piece time sensitive? Let us know in the subject line or first paragraph of your email, so we can act quickly.

·      We will only accept original articles, so articles with posts that have been tweaked from an old article, will not be accepted by us.

·      Reduce self-promotion: Mentioning and promoting yourself is accepted, but only if this helps to demonstrate your expertise. Any article that excessively promotes your brand, book, product will most likely not go through to publication. External links to your products or website that are excessive will also be deleted and reduced to two external links.


After you’ve submitted your article, what happens next?

We work very hard to respond to all submitted articles within 7 working days. Once your article has been accepted, any changes will be requested by a member of our editorial team. Once received and we are happy with the edited article, you will receive an email once the article has been published. All accepted articles will be published.