3 of the Best Wireless Mouses for your PC or Laptop (starting at £4.99)

3 of the Best Wireless Mouses for your PC or Laptop (starting at £4.99).jpg

We don’t tend to give much thought to finding the right mouse for our laptop, so as we are currently on the hunt for the right one. We thought we would take you along and share our 3 top picks. And the great thing is, they’re all from Amazon. 

When searching for the right mouse, it’s also important to consider the size of your hand. This can play a major part in what mouse you get, so give your hand a quick measure before making a purchase.


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Our Pick:

We went for something that was black, sleek, easy for us to hold and navigate. It has a smooth matt surface, which is great for using throughout the day. This mouse works with PC, Tablet and Laptop on Windows, Mac or Linux. Currently available in 27 colours and prints. It's very light and requires an AA battery that comes with each purchase. It also comes with a 1-year warranty should you need a replacement.



Laptop Wireless Mouse 2.png

This mouse is a little on the expensive side, but it’s perfect for anyone looking for something a little different and more tech-savvy. It works on both Windows and Mac, using a rechargeable Lithium battery, which comes with each purchase. Over the long-term, you will be happy to know that you have 2 years warranty and full product support. 

As well as looking unique, it does offer a few unique features:

•    Smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel (faster scrolling on web pages)

•    Unique thumb wheel (you can customise buttons and actions to your needs)

•    Tracks flawlessly on any surface, including glass or high-gloss surfaces

•    Can be paired with up to 3 different devices, allowing you to switch between them with a button



Laptop Wireless Mouse 3.png

Perfect value for money and offers a 2-year warranty. This little mouse works great on any PC or Laptop, including Windows and Mac products. It requires 2 AAA batteries which come included with your purchase. You can browse the web easily and navigate both back and front and side-to-side. This wireless optical mouse also has an 8-metre wireless range.



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