4 Must Have MOO products for any Startup

4 Must Have MOO products for any Startup.jpg

By Emily Corley

What do we want? Beautifully designed products, that can both subtly and loudly represent our startup and brand, without saying a word. When do we want it? Now! It’s no secret that MOO is a household favourite for so many businesses, so we wanted to share our top 4 products that any startup business needs to have in their arsenal. Perfect for in-person meetings and long distance greetings. Here are four of our favourite MOO products.


No offence to rectangular business cards, but we love how sleek and unique having a square card is. It isn’t just about how aesthetically pleasing the cards are, they are genuine conversation starters. We cannot tell you how many times we’ve been asked where we get our cards done - and we’re always beaming to share. Naturally, this would be our top pick for any startup.

MOO Stickers - Just Entrepreneurs.png


So you’re focused on increasing brand awareness as well as trust and you also send products to your customers. The best thing to increase awareness and familiarity is a bunch of stickers. Design and have them printed by MOO and delivered to your office. That way, the next parcel you send includes your free stickers, that your customers will stick on their laptops, fridge or notebooks. Although branding recognition is great, you can also use stickers to detail product information, expiry dates or your office address and logo. Stickers are so versatile, you’ll love them!

MOO Sth Godin.jpg


This product is a must have for any startup. You need to be able to jot down ideas and solutions anywhere at anytime. Choosing a MOO notebook will definitely have you feeling spoilt after using one with your ballpoint pen, gliding across the every page. Any entrepreneur will tell you that having a notebook around is a saviour, especially at night. So keep this one by your bed, because that’s when ideas truly start to rush in. The notebook shown above is a limited edition design by Seth Godin on a hard cover notepad -we’re already saying yes!

MOO postcards.png

This is especially important if you are running an e-commerce startup. The entire purchasing experience can go that one step further by adding personalised greeting cards in each parcel you send. We personally love this and tend to hold on to the cards, because we love the design and our name is on it. It screams appreciation and a sense of being valued by the brand. Certainly is this time, where the small things really do make a difference and contribute to the sharing experience on social media. So, in a nutshell send customised cards that are bound for Instagram!