A typical day for me as a working Mother

Nadine Sandcroft

I have been thinking about writing this blog post for a while now and I am finally getting around to it, while my little ones are home and I have a bit of time to work on a few things I have been putting on the back burner.

Being a working Mum isn't easy and I shared a soppy post about this on my Facebook last week. I could feel the same energy from all the amazing mothers who liked my post and the support from my friends who aren't mothers just yet, but they can understand my plight and joy all at the same time. It is the state of being between that annoying rock and a hard place – a saying I thought I would never have to use in my entire life, but here we are.

I am now a mother of three beautiful children, two girls and a very boisterous little boy. A typical day kicks off with my alarm at 6:30am to spend a little time with myself, thinking about the day ahead and possibly getting in some meditation. I'm not afraid to say sometimes my meditation does not leave the bed, I believe you can meditate anywhere. Then at 7:30am I get started on breakfast...

Pause...My three month old wanted a cuddle and in ran my six year old to share in the cuddle-affair before asking to hold her little sister for 5 minutes.

So, breakfast at 7:30am, I get them up, sorted and then fed. Then I get myself and baby sorted and out the door we go for the school run. I do still believe that with all the emails I receive at 8am in the morning, no one gets the idea that although I am awake and I know you see my likes on Facebook, I am so so so far from awake until I get home at 9:06am and have a cup of coffee and some oats porridge. This is sort of time when my day starts and by sort of I mean, I get sort out the mini bomb that went off earlier before the school run and I sit down to finally check my emails with baby Ella in one hand. By around 10:30 she goes off to sleep and I start to feel like a very unfit ninja as I try to hustle my way through my list of tasks before 11:20am for another school run to collect my son from nursery – yes this does happen.

Then I am back home again, fixing a quick lunch for us both, with baby Ella strapped on onto my chest – simply because it's easier this way and I don't have to be running from the kitchen to the living room to see if she's ok. By 12:30pm Keven is asleep and I am oh so tired, but pumping away because of coffee – not too long after Ella is down again for another nap and I feel like an unfit ninja again bustling through my work load. Of course there are intervals of talking to my hubby as he bustles away and complains about his cosy office office that he has all to himself and the walk he took on the high street to grab a sandwich from Gregs then back into the office to finish up – oh the joyous struggle haha!

This break is where I get the most of my work load done as it lasts for about 2-3 hours and although I take a tea break, I seem to get so much done in the time it would take a normal 9-5 worker 8 hours and a little extra on their laptop at home. The day breaks a little when my hubby is doing the last bit of the school run after he gets home from work. We cook dinner together most nights, because this is where we get to have a little chit chat about our day. Then I am back to work again after dinner and the kids are in bed.

I write all of this to say something very important. It doesn't matter how hard things seem there is always a way to get things done. Yes – it may be a little bit of an obstacle course at first, but there is greatness at the end of the struggle – I promise. Being a mother has all types of stereotype attached to it, but it is by far the most powerful position to be in when you want to achieve things that are usually seen as impossible. I cannot tell you how many people mention that they cannot believe I have 3 month old on top of 2 children and I am still going so hard! It's literally just because I want to!

Pause...baby Ella is getting fussy...cuddles again...

So, be bold, be unapologetic, be fierce, be lovable, be authentic, be grateful and never give up! Some people may never understand why you do what you do, but that's ok – your audience understands, that's what counts.  You will have low days, but those are just as interesting as the great days - every experience is a lesson, so take it on board, so you can learn and grow from it.

Happy midweek and enjoy the rest – I am off to cook up a storm and do the bedtime routine with the Hubby. We are reading “My Friend Bear” tonight – it's my sons favourite story at the moment.

Nadine x