Best New Rural Startup Award offers new firms a chance to shine


The UK’s first ever Rural Business Awards is set to be held on October 1, 2015, at the Grade 1 listed Stapleford Park and Hall in Leicestershire. The awards ceremony consists of 10 categories, one of which is dedicated to finding the UK’s best new rural startup.

Jemma Clifford, the founder of Be Rural, a marketing service for rural businesses, and management consultant Anna Price came up with the idea to set up this awards ceremony. Backed by a number of MPs and the Countryside Land and Business Association (CLA), this event is the first of its kind to be dedicated to the rural business sector.

The Best New Rural Startup Award is open to businesses who have only been in operation for 3 years. Applicants should be able to demonstrate their commitment to the rural community through the following criteria:

1.    Job creation

2.    Contribution to the rural and wider business economy

3.    Service and infrastructure development

4.    The impact on communities or people

5.    How the product, service, project or offering makes life easier or better for people living or working in rural locations

The Rural Business Awards will allow rural based businesses the opportunity to gain recognition that is often overlooked in favour of big city based businesses. The ceremony will also be an interesting occasion to showcase a different type of business owner.

Anna Price, co-founder of the Rural Business Awards commented that:

“These awards will acknowledge the vital contribution rural companies make, encourage the countryside’s superb entrepreneurial spirit and recognise business excellence within the rural sector.”

“We are celebrating ten categories from startups to renewable energy and farm diversification to agricultural innovation. The awards will be judged by an independent panel of judges, including CLA Director General Helen Woolley, and we are encouraging all businesses, whatever their size to get involved in the Rural Business Awards and get the recognition they deserve.”

Online applications can now be submitted for entering the awards. Businesses can nominate themselves or someone else. Entries must be in by 5pm on August 7, 2015, with postal entries postmarked no later than this date. There is a nominal £50 fee for each category entered. The ten categories of The Rural Business Awards are as follows:

1.    Best New Rural Startup

2.    People’s Choice Award

3.    Best Renewable Energy Project

4.    Outstanding Farm Diversification Project

5.    Best Rural Apparel Product or Brand

6.    Outstanding Agricultural Innovation

7.    Outstanding Manufacturing Business

8.    Best Rural Professional Services Business

9.    Best Rural Construction Project

10.  Best Rural Field Sport, Equestrian or Rural Recreational Business

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