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£200 to spend on Amazon? Yes please.

young entrepreneurs

We have set ourselves a target to creatively document the views and opinions of as many young people as possible by the end of this year. We'll do so by interviewing people like yourself, and asking you to share your opinions on a particular topic. This can be through an orthodox statement - OR any other creative medium (spoken word, singers, artists) you use to share your beliefs. We aim for you to be part of 1,000 young people who are the forefront of discussion. 

So the brief?

  1. Create or source a video/photo/audio/art on anything you please, just as long as it's a topical or interesting issue!
  2. Add a strap-line e.g - A photo of Eddie Redmayne | Opinion/Strapline: 'Disabled roles in films should be played by a disabled person'.
  3. If you want - you can add a maximum of 200 words expanding on that opinion. 
  4. Send your submission to 

For those who come up with the most interesting opinions and have the most interaction with their views through our social media channels will be awarded either:

a) An IPad Mini

b) £200 Amazon Gift Card

c) 2 Tickets to Dour Festival 


Have your work showcased at one of the Word on the Curb O2 sponsored events!

The winner will be announced on 30th March  2015

Any problems, questions or

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