Happy Mumpreneurs Day

As a mother with a full-time job while running a couple of startup businesses I understand first hand just how complicated it can be to juggle time spent with our children and hubby as well as time spent working. It's tough - there are good days and there are low days when the journey doesn't seem worth the sacrifice, but whenever I look at their little faces I remember why I chose to run my own business again.

So - this is a massive shout out to all the amazing working mothers and entrepreneurs I know of or know personally. It may not always be easy, but with a day like today when we are all being spoilt rotten, let's raise our chocolates and flowers to all the mothers out there pushing through the lows and rising above all obstacles - let's keep kicking butt!

In no specific order - here are the incredible working mothers I adore:

Sarah Akwisombe - The interior designer of all interior designers. If you would like to get tips and tricks to revamp your space or hire this amazing designer then look no further. With an award winning designer working on your home it's a complete win win!

Ali Dover - Super mother with a penchant for photography and her own line of baby wraps to keep your little love close. Having heard her story and watched her grow you will appreciate what she has to offer - and if you like her wraps act fast as they sell out as soon as they hit her site.

Amanda Clarke - Photographer to the stars - yes the stars. With an eye for beauty I was honoured to have my portrait taken by Amanda. It will only take a few seconds to feel at home and absolutely laughing your head off while posing for such a talented woman.

Sherene Mitchell - A mother with so much tenacity, I adore her! If you love keyrings and all the added gems that go with it, then check out her website. She is a brand new startup like myself and growing day by day.

Lydiann Akua - Flying the fashion flag for plus sized women in the UK - this startup is all about feeling sexy and loving yourself. Items go super fast and if you want a bit of sassy to go with your order connect with her on Facebook. 

This may seem quite short, but there are so many more I wanted to mention, but they are just starting out on their first business venture. I love and adore you all and cannot wait to see another year of accomplishments and a stronger brand image. Hard work pays and I KNOW that even though it is Mothers Day all the above are still working...like myself - no days off!

If you know any strong working mothers please link their websites below to keep the love flowing. 

Have a beautiful day one and all - as I finish this blog, both my daughter and my son are sitting on my legs :)


Success isn’t worth it unless it benefits the ones we love
— Nadine Sandcroft