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Creating a buzz around your startup is always going to be a good thing – no matter how long you have worked on remaining under the radar as the owner of your venture. I know so many people who are not interested in showcasing themselves to their customers, but would rather lay low and allow the business to do the talking. Although, this may last for a while – having a face and personality to connect with a brand is always a plus, especially now that people are searching for life behind a company compared to years ago when it was about how snazzy an advert is on TV.

Press is important and I will break down how you can become your own PR machine and save some money for other areas of your business.


Get comfortable with writing about yourself

Press coverage is a good tactic to get going – it can very quickly increase the popularity of your business and direct your target market straight to your site. Write a press release about yourself – detail who you are, what your company does and how you plan on making a difference in your industry. You can even talk about any exciting things that are happening - you may have just won a competition, signed big deal or secured growth funding. Create information about yourself and make it easy to share.

A neat trick is to create a press coverage page – on here you can include everything from your information, description of your product, images, video content that can be shared easily (try having this on Youtube) and then share all your amazing press coverage plus your contact details, should they require any more information about you or your company.


Be shameless about getting out there

Be bold and confident about sharing your information. As I always say – “think it, believe it, own it”. This will cement your expertise as you grow towards your end goal. Put yourself out there to as many outlets as possible, whether these are bloggers or new outlets – it will be worth the effort in the end if done right.

This carries a lot of props for your brand as you are at the forefront representing what you have created and what your company is about.

You will end up building very good relationships with outlets who have covered you and this is always a plus – it makes sharing any new updates on your business easier the next time around. And share, share, share – get it on your social media platforms, in your newsletters or share with other companies to share for you on their platforms.



Like cold calling but blind emails

This may seems like a waste of time and could very well look basic in terms of reaching the right people. Blind emails can be very rewarding and may allow you to connect with members of the press who will become important to getting yourself out there.

But, saying that, you will need to be strategic and never just spam people with bundles of emails. We all receive hundreds of emails a day, so imagine a member of the press. So, try to be unique and stand out against the crowd – we are all different in our own little way, allow your authenticity to shine through.

Get in touch with writers you are already aware of, who frequently cover your sector and who would love to cover you. Focus on tailoring your emails so they have less of a generic feel – you want them to open the email, become intrigued with your story and get it out to their audience, who will then become yours.


Network and build genuine relationships

You attend many networking events throughout the year and there are always press members there checking out what’s new. Make it your mission to build genuine relationships with them and not just create and run a transaction. They’re real people, so it is important to be yourself and connect with people you meet; it is the same as emails – you never want to be just another spam mail ready for the junk folder.

Focus on getting to know the person behind the press opportunity. Most people make the mistake of constantly selling or trying to get coverage meanwhile one of the simplest and most natural thing to do is connect with another human being.

In time the press coverage will come if they are naturally drawn to who you are and what you have to offer – so being pushy isn’t always a win. No one likes being sold at all the time!


Time to collaborate

A great way to get yourself out there is to be a guest writer – you can create the news yourself.

Most businesses are all about content – because word on the wire is that content is now king! You can very simply offer your blogging services to relevant blogs relating to your industry or look into bigger forums who will love to have an extra writer each month.

Be on the ball and remember that the best way to get your content published on other platforms is to be interesting, helpful to the reader, relevant and not about what your company provides – take this opportunity to write good content you would love to read yourself.


Keep growing

One of the greatest things to do when running a startup is to keep growing. Even if all the above fails and you are stuck for choices – the most amazing aspect will be your growth and relevance to your sector.

Press will be running over to you rather than you trying to create your own press. Always remember to be you and think it, believe it and then own it! 




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