It is better to get started now rather than later

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I am sticking my new rule and that is a blog on my views and or progress of a young woman attempting something pretty big on her own.

Just last week I had back-to-back meetings with some of the most incredible startups I’ve come across in London – I felt like the little girl sitting on the egde of her bed intrigued by how much I could learn and how open they all were. That misconception of startups holding onto their journey and tips isn’t true at all, infact we all love to share, afterall it is better to be going on a journey with people who understand and will create a support network to fill the gaps than completely going it alone. On that note, my favourite tip is “network”, in most cases it’s free too – yummy free nibbles!

Through all the meetings I had to confess that actually, I don’t have a team behind me, it was just me for a very long time, up until 3 weeks ago when I hired my first intern; Triss Duncan, who is an absolute saviour in every sense on the word. Being able to let go a little bit and allow someone else to help me is a big deal, but I will never go back – completely worth it!

Now that my secret is out of the bag, I can very freely say I am a one woman band. Pheew, there you go.

Take it from me, when you finally get out there and you become comfortable with the idea of running a startup it gets easier. Yes, you will be scared to make moves that make you uncomfortable and yes you will make mistakes, but that’s ok – it is ok, I promise! It took me a while to learn this lesson, I can mess up and I can have a spelling error in my copy. I can start with a website that is half of what I want it to be and later improve on it – yes, you should have seen the first site haha, but you know what, I liked it at the time.

Oh and last week, I achieved something pretty amazing in the form of a contract that allows me to offer funding to startups, so that they can run their own marketing campaign. This was important to me, so I packaged it with one of the most important things every startup will need to have a handle on; a marketing course. It took me some time, but it’s absolutely a good step forward.

Ok, I will stop rambling now and just say this; no matter what you have your heart set on, whether it’s becoming the next Richard Branson or the next SaaS product creator – go for it! Start small and use the lessons you learn and people you speak to, to turn your idea into what you decide to mold it into. Even if it takes a turn that it didn’t go to plan, but you actually like it how it came out, go with it.

Many founders will tell you that they started off with one clear path and ended up climbing mountains and diving through muddy trenches only to come out the other end and it not looking anything like their first plan, but they love it and that’s ok!

Just Entrepreneurs - Park

Happy Friday to you and let’s hope this weekend remains sunny so the park can get a picnic kind of visit. Oh and can someone please invent a work area outside with lovely trees and grass; plus WIFI! I will love you forever J and just incase it already exists and it’s free, please let me know below!