The best traits of a successful blogger

Blogging traits



Blogging is no dance in the park, no matter how exciting it looks from the outside. It takes a lot of dedication, time and originality to make it a successful venture. Successful bloggers will tell you that if you're not in love with your blog, you're never going to reap the benefits. Even if you decide to cut corners, it's such a people's industry, that your readers will see right through it.

I decided to look at blogging from a completely different angle, to figure out what successful bloggers have in common. At first the focus was on consistency or blog layout, but then I thought why not look at personal traits? What I realised was that these traits are not only beneficial from a blogging perspective, but could also be used in other areas of life. Here's what I found:


Having a goal driven mindset

You have to have a serious level of persistence and a plan of action if you want to be a successful blogger. It's a good idea to sit down with a notepad and pen, and really think about what you want to achieve and how you're going to do it.

Use this map to work out what you need to do, and how. Whether it's something as simple as a content calendar or an email marketing funnel; being prepared ahead of time is advantageous. What are your goals for this year? Research, plan and go get them!


Networking helps – so be a great communicator

Although you spend most of your time online, communicating and networking with other bloggers can help your blog. You need to be able to build a relationship with your community. Most bloggers promote each other online, by collaborating or sharing each others posts; being able to build rapport is important. Twitter and Instagram are both great platforms to use when you are ready to network online.

Don't shy away from your competitor either, you can both learn great things from each other.


Brewing with tenacity

Blogging is a long road, you can't fake the journey and it takes fair bit of persistence. Most bloggers who are successful today, made no money for the first two years. They had no brand deals and even with an ebook on sale, they made no money from it. Instead of giving up, they stuck their heels in and kept going.

This is a great lesson, because sometimes our big break is just around the corner. Coupling this with a goal driven mentality, means you are already preparing for success.



Driven to learn more

Learning what's new, popping and relevant is important, so it's definitely about staying within a good pace of things as they change. Technology is always changing and as a blogger this could mean an increase in readers, if you can tap into what's new fast enough.

No matter how successful a blogger is, they are always keen to try out something different. There are new social media platforms popping up all the time, and Google is always changing their algorithms; which is something all bloggers have to keep their eyes on.


Always passionate

You just have to love it! Emerse yourself in your niche and deliver what your audience wants to know. Passion makes a massive difference, because it creates a mindset that wants to be creative and daring. If you love what you do, it will come across to your readers and they will love you right back for it.

Even if you start off with 20 people reading and caring about what you have to say, don't be disheartened. If those 20 people are engulfed and value your content, you are already winning.


Full-time Hustler

Successful bloggers have a very distinct go-getter mentality. Let's face it, it's not exactly a generic 9-5 job, so you need to have a hustler mentality to get where you need to be.

You can't beat the person who will stay up until 2am getting a blog post ready for the next day, or staying up to work on building back-links. Although I am super serious about getting enough sleep, so we can function at our best – sometimes we need that hustle all night mentality to get results.

We're all after the same thing, whether we decide to run a conventional business, go to university or become a blogger. All the characteristics above are transferable and can be used by anyone in any industry. Blogging is a business and the only way you can succeed at it is to adapt and become unstoppable. The day you decide to quit, may be the day all your planning and hard work pays off.