Top tips to refresh your Website

Its’ spring – let’s give your website a clean




Refreshing your website has a nice feeling to it, not just for your users, but it also ranks pretty good with Google – all those little robots are trolling around searching for something new, so make sure they come to you first. 

Well – how do you refresh your website? Here are my top tips:


Clean out those dodgy links

Getting rid bad links can save you a lot of stress – no one wants to reduce their search engine optimization, and having bad links can certainly affect how well it works.

Go through your pages and click on all links, just to make sure they actually work and still deliver what you intended for your users. Check out all back links too, assess whether they are still bringing you what you need and get rid of the ones that are out dated and no longer matches your brand image.


Refresh content and images

Take a look at your current content and evaluate whether it’s still appealing to your users. You know – we have to keep it cool with the kids! Update any old information that gets viewed a lot, such as your contacts, home, careers page. Double check all your images to make sure they are loading properly and has the same impact it did when you first chose it – try uploading the same image again if it was too slow or change it to something new.

As you refresh you content, pay close attention to all your CTAs (call to actions) to make sure they are still clear and direct. Now think about what content you have waiting in the pipeline and what you could possibly reuse – you can change the topic and update content to reflect your current knowledge, turning it into an infographic or even collating them into an ebook.

Check to see what posts are performing well and what ones aren’t – you could then repurpose your least viewed posts or update them with new features. Your viewers may even respond better to a new title – be creative with this and the old will become a piece of the future.


Thought about an eBook?

This is the perfect time to work on one – it’s a fantastic marketing tip. 

Do you know what your users need help with? Pinpoint their pain areas and use that to create an eBook they would like to download. It may take a few weeks to get it right, but once you do it will be an investment worth sharing. Create a CTA on your landing page to encourage users to download your eBook in exchange for their contact information.

An eBook is good to help establish your expertise, grow your email marketing list and allow your users to remember who you are.



Check out and add a new social media platforms

I know – it’s not as if there isn't enough of them out there, but being on them helps to increase the popularity of your brand. Try using Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or Twitter if you don’t have one as yet. It opens up a new world and new ways to sell your product or service to your target audience. Before you dive into a Tumblr account, you can run some analytics on your target audience to find out whether they are dedicated Tumblr users.

Adding an extra platform does not mean you change what you share or add extra workload, all you would be doing is sharing and repurposing the same content, with a twist, to suit the social media platform.


Are your forms working properly?

Test your forms to make sure that they are working by signing up to your own newsletter and assess your automatic emails.

Click on all your social media links and reconnect to your website if necessary – you may even want to check your comments while doing this.


Check user experience and refresh your website design

Do some research and find out what’s new in the design world – changing with the times is just as important as producing good content. Users enjoy reading good content on a website that alters to suit their needs.

If your website isn’t already designed to respond to various screen sizes, this may be a good time to look into getting this done. Research has proven that more than 60% of all website views are done on a mobile device – fact is you do not want to be losing out on a big portion of your audience. You do no need to redesign the entire website, just look at it from your users’ point of view and adjust for an even greater experience.

A website is now a very important aspect of any business. At times, it is the first thing your customers see before they make any moves to opt in to your service or purchase your product. With spring channelling in renewal, it is a good time to pay some attention to your website and bring in a new lease of life. Even when you are making a profit from your site, don’t neglect it – always keep a keen eye on providing quality and value to your customers.