Understanding the demographics of Instagram 2017

Understanding the demographics of Instagram 2017




If you’re a fan of social media networks, then chances are that you’ve heard about the all-powerful photo sharing application known as Instagram. While most of us are well-aware of the fact that Instagram is quite popular, not many people are aware to what extent.

In case you plan on using Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy, or you are simply genuinely interested in how popular the social media platform really is, then this article is for you. 

To kick things off, we’ll talk numbers, compiled after a long research job by the folks behind Website Builder, who also came up with a remarkable research report on everything there is to know about the social media platform. With this in mind, Instagram currently has a total of 600 million users registered, yet out of these, around 300 million are active on a daily basis. These 300 million people who check out Instagram whenever they get the chance to do so, normally leave about 4.2 billion likes every single day, which is absolutely huge. Some quick maths will determine that the average person leaves around 14 likes per day, which is quite understandable. 



However, these 300 million people also post around 95 million photos and videos on a daily basis, meaning that regardless of how many people you’re following, chances are that you’re getting a stream of unique daily photos and videos from them. If we were to compile all the numbers up, then it’s worth pointing out that around 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the platform so far. 

Understanding the demographics behind the platform is also important, as surprisingly enough, around 80% of the platform’s users live outside the United States, whereas a total of 55% of all surveyed 18-29-year-olds have an Instagram account, and most of them are fairly active on the platform. While Instagram is mainly focused on the younger generation, it seems like adults love the app as well, considering the fact that the number of adult Instagram users has doubled since 2012. 

It is however pretty well-known that women are bigger fans of the platform when compared to men. Research has shown that 31% of female internet users are on Instagram, whereas only around 21% of men also enjoy the platform. Speaking of demographics, 32% of internet users in urban areas, and 28% in rural areas have an Instagram account, thus making it an amazing platform to reach out, share your photos and even make new friends. 

If you ever thought that you’re wasting too much time on the platform and that the time could be used to make more money, research may prove you wrong. In fact, most users on Instagram (30%) have a $50,000-$74,000 yearly salaries, followed by 27% with salaries averaging $40,000 per year, 26% averaging less than $30,000, and finally, 26% averaging over $75,000 per year. 

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