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What is it about the holidays that makes you feel so much more excited about getting things done in the New Year? I must say I came out of my time off feeling refuelled and ready for anything my emails had to throw at me.

I'm oh so organised right now too; I have lists instead of my usual posted notes all over my desk and I have been using my, deal with the most urgent task system since yesterday. I feel like a new woman aha ready for anything.

I ended my year with plans for the events and workshops launching end of this month, completed and made my first ebook live on the website, which is the first of a host of ebooks I have been working on and rebranding the way I do things with Just Entrepreneurs has also kicked into force. Now it's the New Year it's all about implementing everything and growing into yet another year.

With so much to look forward to and all the things I have planned, I thought it was time to take off my shell of anxiety towards being more frontal with my brand and show the world who I am. There is so much power in accepting yourself and accepting all the work that you've done. I have grown Just Entrepreneurs in the evening while working full-time, being Mummy to two amazing children and having a supportive partner. I have never wanted something to work more than this and boy does it show. From 5 views per day to almost 15,000 per month – that's something to be happy about in just 12 months.

I am not stopping there...and this is to say, no matter where you are, it is not your final destination. There is so much more to come and all it takes is determination and acceptance that you CAN do it!

Welcome back and happy 2016!!!


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