What colour is the dress??

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Just when you started shouting, enough of the damn dress - here I come dropping my 2 cents and expressing how genuinely freaked out I was when I watch the dressed slowly change from white and gold to black and blue.

I’m all for all this crazy scientific stuff - learning more about our mind and bodies, but holy shit was I spooked. In less than 24 hours this dress has hit millions of screens and caused insane conversations about its COLOUR haha!

Well, I took a little time to do some digging and found out some very interesting information. A professor of neuroscience called Beau Lotto (yup) at the University of London says “the brain has evolved not to see absolutes, but to see the difference between things”. This is good stuff – so going back to the dress, because it was taken in sunlight it appears to look different compared to if it was taken at night in your front room under your beautiful chandelier. Professor Lotto says that we can “only speculate” between the colours of the dress – some of us were looking at the dress alone, while others were taking the sunlight and entire scenery into account.

That’s all the science malarkey over, let’s get to why this picture went viral so fast.  Any ideas?

I did a little bit more digging and there is a story behind this. It all begun just before a wedding was about to kick off last weekend in Hebrides, a group of islands off Scotland, when the lovely mother of the bride sent a picture to her daughter asking what she thought of the dress. The bride and groom both looked at the picture and – you guessed it, they saw two completely different thing. Can you just imagine this, like this genuinely happened? They later posted the image on Facebook, asking their friends (think about the debate they must have been having) to settle their argument.

One of the invited guests to the wedding decided to repost the image to her Tumblr blog asking “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree”. The post picked up speed and caught a lot of interest – I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting to have almost the entire planet talking about their little debate.

Just a couple of hours later it went viral!!!!

By monitoring the phrase or hash tag on Twitter, it is possible to get a round a bout idea of how the conversation developed.

This is a powerful story that took flight after an article written on Buzzfeed. And here we have it a few hours later – tons of spooked out human beings, including the angry ones who have had enough and of course the scientific lovers who are once again glorified by the beauty of the human mind. The dress is a classical optical illusion, but  it was big brand publishers out there putting some steam behind it with articles and posts that really brought it to our attention – oh so how relevant is it now that Kim Kardashian broke the internet?

Just imagine this was a marketing stunt - social media is indeed a force to be reckoned with!

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