What homebased business should you start?


Of the hot business trends for 2015 we’ve picked out those that are particularly well suited to a home business. In all cases the majority of the work could be carried out in your own home and with little initial investment.

Online Support Services for individuals and small businesses

Personal support, tailored to individual needs and delivered online:

  • 1:1 training, coaching, tutoring and counselling via videos, skype and other technology – possible topic areas are endless

Writing Services

In the content hungry world of the internet there’s always demand for good freelance writers to produce content on behalf on other people:

  • ghost writing
  • website content writing and blogging
  • translation services

Online & Digital Publishing

Making money from your own publications available via a website or publishers like Amazon or itunes:

  • ebooks
  • video courses
  • course materials/guides on subscription

Specialist Consultancy & Freelancing

Lots of consultancy work can be carried out remotely and can be very lucrative. It requires expert knowledge and experience in your niche area as well as the ability to network and market your services. Areas of particular value this year are likely to be:

  • multi-cultural marketing
  • ‘growth hacking’ – essentially use of very precise, flexible and targeted marketing and technology to promote ultra fast growth in customer numbers eg use of viral marketing or special promotions to get huge numbers of followers overnight
  • crowd funding consultancy – crown funding as a means to business start-up and product development is set for massive growth. Be there to help people get their funding!
  • web design & programming – there will always be high demand for good freelance IT geeks
  • website/blog and social media management on behalf of individuals and small businesses

Low Cost Tech Development

These wouldn’t require huge investment for a start-up and could be launched fairly simply, although some investment in marketing would certainly help in getting them off the ground quickly. Current trends:

  • mobile apps
  • mobile games
  • child friendly apps and games
  • niche social platforms (alla netmums)
  • wordpress themes

Repairs on Goods Locally

Assuming you’ve got the right skills and equipment, you could offer a local maintenance and repair services for transportable goods including ordering and fitting spare parts:

  • laptops, PCs, printers etc
  • mobile phones
  • bikes
  • electrical appliances such as kitchen equipment, lamps, sewing machines garden equipment and tools

Make Your Own Products to Sell Locally and/or Online

Particularly popular items currently include:

  • 3D printed products
  • home made health & beauty products
  • home made food for special diets (eg allergy, weight loss, vegan)
  • hand made ethical fashion (eg ethically produced or recycled materials)
  • high quality arts and crafts (take a look at

Affiliate Product Sales Online

Selling as an affiliate means you promote someone elses’s product or service using reviews, ads on your site and so on then take a cut of the profits from sales resulting from your links.

Particular niches to look out for this year:

  • protein food & drinks
  • products and information related to special diets (eg allergies, weight loss, vegan)
  • organic health & beauty products
  • bike safety products
  • ethically produced fashion
  • handmade and artisan products
  • ‘bargains’ in particular niche product areas

Online Trading

Buying and selling on at a profit, especially if you can import from cheaper sources, is still a reasonable way to make money if you’re good at spotting a bargain and trends in what’s selling:

  • ebay and Amazon shops