Meet the founder of Baby2Body



To start things off, please can you introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Melinda Nicci, and I am a mum to two incredible children, a sport psychologist, a business consultant, a lover of health, wellness and fitness, an entrepreneur and – most recently – the founder of


What is Baby2Body?

Baby2Body is everything I felt I wanted – or rather needed – as a new mum. It’s a lifelong venture, not only inspired by my own experiences, but also that of family members, dear friends and every other mother I’ve met along the way. I created Baby2Body 20 years ago as an exercise and wellbeing tool for women who wanted to safely maintain their fitness during pregnancy and then get their pre-baby body back quickly after birth. Now, Baby2Body has been revitalised – Baby2Body 2.0 if you will – into a truly holistic experience. Serving both new and soon-to-be mums, we offer advice on mental wellbeing, nutritional health, physical fitness as well as beauty and fashion tips. We want mums to feel their absolute best and look amazing throughout their entire journey of motherhood.


How’s the journey been so far with Baby2Body?

Incredible. It’s been rewarding, challenging, enthralling, and frustrating all at once. I think the only other time I’ve experienced so many emotions at the same time was as a new mum – so I guess it’s fitting. In some ways it feels like I’m raising another child and I cannot wait to see how it will grow over the years.


We see that your business has had a lot of press coverage. What tips would you give to other young entrepreneurs trying to get features?

A few years ago I created a social group specifically for entrepreneurs. We get together several times a year and it’s an amazing opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, commiserate through our challenges, and celebrate our triumphs. Making connections with like-minded people in this sphere of entrepreneurship has been so helpful to my own journey. That’s probably what I’d share with other young entrepreneurs – join a network, get in with the right people, be encouraged by others who are trying to make it just like you, and be inspired by those who have made it. It’s the best, and most honest way, to learn how to navigate the process – from features to funding and everything in between.


What’s the best business decision you’ve made?

Starting Baby2Body – hands down.


And the worst?

I’d say not taking investments sooner. It’s that initial risk and it can be very scary. It makes everything real by putting the spotlight on this idea that is so near and dear to your heart. But looking back, I only wish I had taken that leap sooner because I love what I am doing now, and I love where Baby2Body is going.


It’s a toughie, but what’s one of your favourite things about being a mum?

What amazes me everyday about being a mum is that I’ve actually created a human being – it sounds so obvious, but do you know how powerful that is? The chance to mold someone, to shape their experiences in some way and then watch them flourish in their own right – it’s hugely rewarding.

Motherhood is this unbelievable journey of discovering your own strengths and vulnerabilities, but then at the end of the day, there is this other person who relies on you completely, and that really grounds me. My kids make me laugh, every single day – I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


What is it that makes Baby2Body stand out from your competitors?

We know that the number one agenda of nearly and new mums’ is to have a happy and healthy baby – and we are here to make sure that those mums are happy and healthy too. There are so many resources out there to help women understand what is going on with their growing baby and newborn, and while that’s amazing, we are here to put the focus on the mum – so she knows what is going on with her too. We are here to educate, empower, and motivate mums to do motherhood their way.


We’ve read that you’ve got a background in sport psychology and fitness. How helpful has this proved in creating your brand’s ethos?

It’s hugely shaped the nature of Baby2Body and what we’re all about. Exercise is as essential for our emotional and mental wellbeing as it is for our physical fitness. The interplay between our mental state and our physical body is so deeply connected – and you cannot feel complete in one without being healthy in the other. Baby2Body is all about a holistic, healthy and happy lifestyle – something that must incorporate our fitness, wellbeing, nutrition, and how we look and feel about ourselves.


What one piece of business advice has stuck with you?

Love what you do. If you’re passionate about what you do everyday, then you’ll never work a day in your life. Become great at the thing you enjoy most, and you will find success in many different forms.   


Describe your perfect holiday.

Oh gosh – well, it’s pretty simple: I’d want to be able to exercise, eat delicious and nutritious food, be in the sun, and be surrounded by the people I love. That’s all I need.


Finally, what would you say to other mums wanting to start up their own business?

First off – and I’ll be honest – I used to carry a lot of guilt about the lack of time I was able to give my kids as a working mum. But it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, especially if you prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to spending time together. Starting your own business is like raising a child – and as a mum you know just how to do that. But it’s not easy, it’s sometimes endless hours and loads of hard work – though if you love it, it’s worth it. Make it happen, and make the most of it.