Meet the founder of Divadence


1. Before we get started, please introduce yourself

I’m Therryi Jay Brown, the managing director and founder of Divadence Consultancy.

2. Where were you when you decided to create this platform?

I was at my friend’s mum’s house doing my best rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Diva’! It was snowing so heavily that there was no way of getting into work. At the time I had a blog called The Potbellied Diva and I really wanted to create a calendar for ladies like me: confident women with values and oomph. This is where the word Divadence came from, a word that I define as ‘to be yourself without limitation or doubt.’ Just a little exclusive backstory!

3. What’s sets you apart from all the other businesses in your industry?

I think what sets Divadence apart in the communications and youth market is that we are youth-led, community based and are always in touch with our market.

4. How have you funded Divadence so far?

So far Divadence has been pretty much self-funded, apart from a very useful government start-up loan; something facilitated by RockStarr Youth. However, we’ve created projects such as our radio show and The Divadence Show, a youth platform, that in time will pay for themselves.

5. Being a young entrepreneur – what do you enjoy most about running your own business?

If we scrap ‘young entrepreneur’ and replace it with ‘rising communications mogul’ then I’d say that’s the most enjoyable thing! I make the rules and it’s me who’s accountable for how the business is run. Don’t mistake my attitude as arrogant though, it’s a little thing I interpreted from ‘The Laws of Attraction’. Aside from this, I also enjoy the creativity and decision making that comes with running my own business.

6. What is your biggest achievement so far?

Can we answer this in about three years when the company has met its 500K-turnover mark?

Seriously though, my biggest achievement has just been the commitment I feel I’ve shown. Without it Divadence would just have been a missed opportunity.

7. What is the best marketing decision you’ve ever made?

We were commissioned to do the experiential marketing for an event that focuses on natural living and holistic health. The organisers hadn’t really considered marketing beyond broadcast advertising. At this late stage, they were unsure of how many people would attend.

We decided to get t-shirts featuring the brands logo designed, and then handed out flyers in the surrounding area. We also created targeted marketing links via geotagging in order to push traffic towards the event. The outcome superseded the organisers expectations with the turnout reaching the venues maximum capacity.  

8. Any top tips for being on radio?

Get training and remember that dead air is bad air! Radio is extremely different to a normal conversation, so getting used to this takes a lot of time. I’ve been on the radio since the age of 14, but it wasn’t until I was 17 that I received any training. It worked wonders!

Be prepared. Know your show and expect the worst- you never know when a piece of equipment is going to fail. Also, always have a back up recording of your show. This means that even if the show doesn’t broadcast, you’ll still have a potential podcast.

Most importantly though is to laugh and be comfortable. Unlike TV, you don’t have to have a face for the radio; just a voice that keeps the listeners locked.

9. Think back to when you’d just started out – what do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

I wish I knew how hard it is to put yourself out there. Before rebranding Divadence as a communications platform I had truly wish I had known about the true difficulties that young business people face in the first 1000 days of unprofitable business.

10.  As you are a young female entrepreneur of many talents – do you have any other businesses in the pipeline?

The next step is TECH. I’m currently in talks with potential partners and investors to create a website and app that will blow your mind away- but let’s keep that a surprise until my next feature on Just Entrepreneurs!

11.  What is your favourite cheat snack to have and why?

Depends how my day is going. I have a few cheat snacks - one being a no-dairy fruit salad smoothie from Boost Juice Bar. Or Tyrells Beetroot Chips or if I’m really taking the michael - it’s a kit kat chunky or some hagaan daaz ice cream.

12.  What advice would you give to young budding entrepreneurs?

Increase your network-worth to reach your desired net worth. (Think about it and write that five year plan)

13.  What plans do you have for Divadence in the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, I’d like to work with more corporate and private companies to invest and facilitate profitable and beneficial campaigns for 18-34 year olds in the UK.