Meet the founder of JGH Marketing

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Hi Jordan, let’s start off by telling me a little bit about you. Who is Jordan, the man behind the business?

Sure thing! Let’s elaborate and go deep into this! I was eight years old and on a family holiday in Australia. We booked a luxury villa in Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, one of the most expensive areas in the city, with a value of around $3 million. I remember one morning walking out to our pontoon to reel in my crab pot to see what I had caught overnight. It was that specific moment on the pontoon that changed my life. I remember thinking how cool would it be to have kayaks in the warm water and jump in the glass swimming pool whenever I wanted to? It was right then that I made a decision; I like money. I thought, it would be cool to give some away and buy things for the family, so I wanted to strive to become a multi-millionaire and more. I remember that experience clearly and won’t forget it!

During high school, I was an ambitious photographer and content creator. However, after five years I was struggling to fit it into my schedule even with serious productivity, so I decided to part from photography and instead kept it in the background as a hobby. I did this while planning the launch of my digital marketing agency, which I launched two years after leaving photography. All of my current skills are self-taught, this relates to the quote “Formal education can make you a living, but self-education can make you a fortune.”, I stand by this!

It is now a year since I dropped out of college, here I am developing my current digital agency business, JGH Marketing, into a multi-million pound company. Although I am running JGH Marketing, I have three other businesses in the pipeline and they will be launching soon, so stay tuned for that!

I am just on a simple mission to be the greatest I can possibly be, build an unforgettable legacy for myself, while making a difference.


Why marketing? When did you decide it was the right niche and business venture to take on?

Marketing was a way for me to exploit my skills in business. I have always had a passion for helping people, companies and organisations across the board, so I thought my skills in the digital world would allow me to fulfil that want in my life.

My mind has been running crazy with ideas and venture start-up plans from the age of 13, but out of everything the trend for digital marketing was the best route to go down, it’s at its peak right now. The market and technology shifts so fast nowadays, so as a business owner you have to move with the changes and evolve with your surroundings - otherwise you will fall short. Plus, there is always a need for marketing, businesses can’t achieve success without it in today's world.


What do you think sets you apart from your competitors? 

The world class methods and strategies we use at JGH Marketing are known by very few on this planet, they are mostly utilised by the large and well renowned agencies that are sitting on multi-billionaire pound empires after forming 20+ years ago. This unique aspect gives us a huge advantage in the way that we provide increased revenue for our clients, added recognition and large increases in leads and sales for medium to large businesses. We hope to see the day where we have helped to increase £1 billion in revenue across our clientele's base, that would mean the world to us. We also personalise the way in which we work with each of our clients, so it fits into their schedules. Whether we schedule monthly consultations or weekly product development meetings, it works to their advantage to have a time frame that suits them, whilst we work on their digital marketing campaign. The bottom line is we work with each and every client as close as possible, after all we are here to help them in every way we can.



How do you fend off those moments of doubt every entrepreneur goes through?

It’s funny you mention this - I think too many entrepreneurs deny the fact that they've experienced doubt. Doubt is natural, but you have to take control of it, if you feel doubtful about a goal, that's normal. If you feel that deep down you know you can get there, that's just a matter of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. It's important to know, everything moves slower than you estimate it will. I often hear stories of doubt arising after a negative personal situation and my advice is, always remember that the market doesn’t care what’s going on in your life, or what you’re going through. It's a tough way to look at it, but you have to be tough because there’s always someone going through something worse than you are - remember that!

The best piece of advice I can give is to believe in yourself!


Has your initial business mission changed since launch? If yes, how did it evolve?

Of course, the thing with social media and the digital space is it changes every single day and as a result we change every day. The internet is reaching more of the world and is revealing very smart people, who have the ability to change the industry I'm in. For instance, look at AirBnB, they've had a huge impact on some of my hotel clients, which then forces us to execute slightly different digital marketing strategy to counter those changes. It is changes like these that affects what we do on a daily basis in terms of paid advertising, brand awareness etc. 


Recharging every so often is vital. How do you recharge when you’re feeling burnt out?

Great question! It’s about how you deal with it, when you’re tired do you sit down and watch tv or do you carry on when your eyes are burning?

Nobody on this planet has ever created a powerful business empire with un-human like hard work, I'm afraid that’s what it takes. It’s not about whether you get four hours sleep or not it's about what you do in the other 20 hours. When I feel burnt out I like to take time-out for myself and reflect on my overall mission, then go back with a fresh view of things.


What would be your top marketing tip?

Use trends to your advantage is my top tip, stay clued up with current news in and around the digital space, because although you might think they have no relevance, they really do. You are marketing your work to the public, therefore you need to know how to engage with them, know where the attention is, where they are and what they are interested in today, next week or next month. 

Move with the changes! You will go stale otherwise and remember to invest in yourself and your team!


How do think will change the face of blogging? Is it the new Tumblr?

Personally, I love Medium! Tumblr has faded a little, but it hasn’t left too much of a gap because of Medium. Medium has had its breakthrough and the biggest influencers are starting to utilise the platform, which is extremely powerful.



What 3 books would you recommend every startup reads before launch?

I won't say too much other than, read these books! Paperback or audio, whichever suits you, just read them.

They were life-changing books to me, I connected well with what was being said and I couldn't recommend these little beauties enough!


Get an unbelievable understanding of our market from Mr. Robbins and so many other world-class minds, how to thrive in recessions, understand money like a world-class financial advisor, and simply learn how to reach financial success from the best in the world.


I haven't a lot to say apart from the fact this book is something else! You will see what I mean!


This is a phenomenal read. How to achieve phenomenal results but most importantly the science and math behind them is completely simplified to connect better with the reader. Brilliant book.


What would be your top three tips for small business owners getting ready to launch online for the first time?

Be patient. Don’t make stupid investments that won’t have any effect on your bank balance. Stay true to yourself, and make that clear in your company, share honestly with top quality information.

Be prepared to eat s**t for a few years in order to get yourself where you want to be, far too many modern entrepreneurs are attracted to Hublot watches and Lamborghini’s, but what they don’t understand is that the people who have them, once didn’t, they had to work to get there. Believe in yourself and your product or service.


What is the biggest advice that you have received, that you still use to this day?

Grant Cardone has made the biggest influence over my career so far. I honestly can’t thank the man enough; it's unreal the amount of influence he has had on my life and my outlook on progression and success. It's great that finally someone agrees with me, that getting wealthy is not just to buy things, but to have the ability to walk into a charity or non-profit organisation and hand over a million pounds and for it not to have a negative effect my bank account. That’s the dream! If you aren’t born in Syria, North Korea or any other under-developed country then it would be selfish not to strive to earn large amounts of money, we would then have the power to help people all over the world. This is what Grant has reinforced in my brain. Just look at Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, they are curing diseases all over the world, and trying to inhabit Mars for goodness sake! It’s amazing what financial freedom can do for you and the people around you.

Saying that, the most important thing I've learnt from Grant is the importance of speed. Speed is everything in business, no matter who you are you should be in an urgency to get somewhere, because nothing is guaranteed, you just don't know if you will live to see another day! This was super important to me, the value of paying more in order to save time. Fact is, if I was stuck in an airport and I had to pay an extra £50 to skip the queue, I would, just to reduce the amount of time I would have lost. Then, I can use that time to make more phone calls and get more done for my clients.


Where do you see JGH Marketing over the coming 12 months?

To be honest, it’s hard to say. I know that every year we will evolve and increase our business size as much as we can. I would like to say we will have dealt with around a few million pounds worth of ad spend for our client’s, and become a million pound company in 12-18 months time. There are definitely exciting times ahead and I look forward to taking my empire to the next level.

Further to that, I would like JGH Marketing Services to have designed 10 virtual training courses specialising in marketing and sales within some of the largest businesses in the world. We currently have two courses, so to expand to 10 would be a great target for us!