Meet the founder of Temps in the City



Hey Emeca, you've created an amazing company, but first, I'd like to know more about the brains behind Temps in the City.

I feel extremely grateful to be in this position today. I was born in Jamaica then migrated to the UK in 2000. I have many years of experience in the hospitality and customer service industry with qualifications in Project Management. Working as a Commercial Property Manager across London, I have built a reputation for excellent customer services and innovative ideas within the workplace.  I am also the mother of two beautiful and talented girls. 


What were you doing before launching Temps in the City? 

I have been working for a well established London Property Management company.


Do you remember your initial thoughts when you realised: yes, this concept could be a game changer?

After many months of conceptualising the idea not to mention the endless research, we realised that the brand could be a game changer due to its niche concept that could revolutionise the way the job market is seen along with our contemporary design and strategic marketing campaign. 


What was the inspiration behind the launch of Temps in the City?

I came up with the idea of Temps in the City after becoming frustrated with juggling work commitments and family life. I craved flexibility and a work life balance which would allow me to never miss another school play or just the small things we never have time for.

I had many inspirations my main focus us people and reasons why they would use our services, for those who wanted to change career path without any contractual commitments, students seeking seasonal employment or simply anyone seeking a second income. Despite the highly competitive workforce and recruitment market, my plan was simple to revolutionise the way the job market is seen.  Having lived in London for many years it is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the world with a fascinating history and breathtaking architectures it is an exciting city with fantastic job opportunities in any establishment.


Could you give me a break-down of your business model?

Our business model is simple, its core target are recruiters and candidates both of who plays a huge part in the success of the brand.  With our focus sectors Customer Service, Hospitality, IT the talent and job pool are enriched with readily available positions and temps.



Most entrepreneurs have a lot of challenges ahead of them, especially funding.  What are your thoughts on bootstrapping?

Good question, like most start-ups we also started on a bootstrapping budget,  We were lucky enough to have used my own investment without the need of acquiring a loan.  The challenges are pretty much evident,  as startups, we aim to be tactful in our expenditures/budgeting, endless price comparison at the same time strive to create a brand buzz.  


Why do you think Temps in the City will be a welcomed change for recruitment industry?

The job market is constantly evolving and different employers demand different ways of searching for the right candidate. While on the other hand, potential employees want to see where that temp job could take them.  I know the struggles people have with finding the right job and having worked in London, I know how the job market has changed.  The benefit of being a temp means you can gain experience, improve interpersonal skills, create a flexible work pattern, and most importantly for those dipping their toes into the job market, get head-hunted.”


How do you think startups can set themselves apart from all their competitors?

It is no doubt that startups admire and aspire to be like their competitors,  it serves as a constant reminder of the success in choosing the right path. I think startups can set themselves apart by careful strategising their target audience, ensure USP transparency, be relatable and current.  Our USP served as the main ingredient in everything we do from our case studies, marketing campaigns and functionalities of the job site. 


How would you define being an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger, the one that sits in the driver's seat, and has the ability to change direction, accelerate, slow down or even stop a venture.  He or she is definitely the one that decides to make the idea a reality. 


If you could choose one person to record your voice message, who would it be and why?

Funny enough, I nominate myself, people are intrigued with my Jamaican accent they described it as a warm, mellow with a twist as a result of my early years spent in the USA.


What plans do you have for Temps in the City over the coming 12 months?

My plans and ambitions for Temps in the City are endless and achievable for the next coming 12 months, Firstly, we hope to be ranked amongst the most recommended and recognised job board in the UK.  To be Londoners one stop for temporary employment, have a huge talent pool of quantity candidates. Lastly, with an already impactful marketing campaigns, we aim to populate London with more engaging advertisings on every platform from the Underground, Billboards and newspapers along with a growing team situated in a prominent City address.


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