Meet the founder of The Urban Rajah for Kingfisher Beer

Just Entrepreneurs - Urban Rajah for Kingfisher Beer


Ivor, tell us everything we need to know about your alter ego, the Urban Rajah.

Urban Rajah is a food adventurer, travel junkie and treats moustache wax with a sacred reverence. When Urban Rajah isn’t writing about food he’s found running his pop up restaurant, Great Indian Food Feast or presenting recipes to spice lusting crowd.

How did your partnership with Kingfisher Beer come about?

    Beer, men and curry it’s the epicurean trinity. Authenticity is the author of good taste and Kingfisher Beer for me is the real taste of India, so it was a partnership that was always going to happen.

    Kingfisher Beer conducted some research and found that the number 1 bonding moment for men is going for a curry. Is this something you do with your own friends to bond, relax and unwind?

      A Ruby with the boys is a rite of passage. Despite being an Indian food chef, my mates insist on going back to the same curry house we’ve been frequenting since our teens. Menus are no longer required, beers are ordered and the banter begins, it’s like a gastronomic time machine…we’re all 18 again.

      What’s the best way to enjoy a cold pint of Kingfisher beer?

        With friends.

        How do you plan on celebrating National Curry Week?

          By eating my way through the video recipes I presented for Kingfisher Beer’s support for National Curry Week…it’s like a Spice Hits Chart.

          It goes without saying that you’re a massive foodie, where did that love of food come from?

          Ever since I was a child, freshly made food featured massively. At the age of five I fell in love with freshly made chapattis, gently caressed with a thin sheen of salty butter…it’s been an adorable addiction ever since.

          Just Entrepreneurs - The Urban Rajah for Kingfisher Beer

          Do you have any recommendations for the best curry houses in London?

            One is spoilt for choice, there’s an urban myth that there’s more curry houses in London than there are in Mumbai! When friends treat me they’ll book Tayyabs, Roti Chai, Benares, Gunpowder or Cinnamon Kitchen.

            What’s your favourite travel destination for all things food related?

              London! It’s the best city in the world for global cuisine…it’s the Babylon of food culture.

              What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

                People’s stories. Discovering recipes and techniques only come alive when one understands the stories behind the food. Stories are the soul of food…without them recipes are simply a combination of ingredients.

                Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

                  Thinking ahead, I see Urban Rajah being the best-loved Indian food brand in the UK.

                  For more information on National Curry Week 2016: You can check out the website, here or the youtube channel for some new and exciting recipes from the Urban Rajah.