Meet the co-founders of Well&Truly


Hello Sara & Maria, thank you for taking part. Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are sisters-in-law with a huge passion for balance, moderation and adopting a healthy lifestyle that is achievable and that you will be able to go the distance with. We believe it’s about simple swaps; taking the stairs instead of the escalator or swapping fries for some greens. You don’t have to do everything but doing something, no matter how small, can have long lasting health benefits and we hope Well&Truly will help consumers make these changes.

What was the spark behind Well&Truly?

We saw a gap in the market for a brand with excellent tasting on-the-go and snacking products that were also better for you. With 55% of the UKs population buying into FreeFrom we knew that allergen free products was extremely important, but so was additional benefits such as lower fat or lower sugar.

We created Well&Truly to offer consumers a better (healthier!) alternative that didn’t compromise on taste.

I always get asked about sourcing and securing manufacturers. How did you go about choosing the one that works for you and your brand?

Quality is our top priority so we make sure that all our products are made in BRC / IFS certified and dedicated gluten free facilities in Europe and as close as possible to the raw ingredients for example our Gazpacho is made in Spain next to where the tomatoes grow.

How did you fund your first batch?

We did an SEIS funding round which allowed us to go into production with our Well&Truly 40% Less Fat Tortilla Chips.

Procrastination is a big part of being an entrepreneur. Do you have those moments and how do you handle them?

Everyday but luckily for us we get to discuss everything together and bounce ideas off each other. We also have a small board with a wealth of experience who are very supportive and are more than happy to discuss any queries or challenges we have.

What would you say to other entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own business?

Do it! It’s the best thing we’ve ever done but make sure you have a good network around you to help guide you and offer advice when you need it. We both say that we couldn’t do it on our own, being able to share the journey with someone has made all the ups and downs so much better.

There's all this intrigue with social media and blogging. Do you think it's as valuable as they make out?

It definitely has its value especially for start ups as it is free marketing which is key when your budgets are small and enables you to promote your products & brand to a wide audience.

It is definitely getting much harder to cut through all the clutter and reach consumers who will engage with your brand. We are just starting our journey on social media but have enjoyed the direct consumer feedback and recipes we’ve been able to share. We are looking forward to helping to educate consumers on Simple Swaps they can make that are easy and tasty.

What was I like when you received your first order?

One of the most memorable Well&Truly days although it didn’t sink in until we saw our product on shelf – when we literally jumped for joy.

Why do you think we are so health conscious at the moment?

We believe that the popularity of the current health movement is primarily driven by the rise of the Millenial generation. Health & Wellbeing is on top of their agenda and this is shaping the wellbeing landscape and presenting opportunities for businesses who can offer genuinely good & innovative products or services, be it in fitness, food, drink or service.

For gluten-free in particular improved diagnosis of Coeliac Disease means more people than ever before are now following a strict gluten-free diet. The last 5 years have also brought with them an incredible rise in gluten-free awareness and also competition, meaning that quality and taste of gluten-free products has become better and better which has enticed “lifestylers” into the category.

Many people perceive that a gluten-free diet is healthier and this is one of the key reasons for its popularity. There is no evidence that simply getting rid of gluten from the diet will result in weight loss. However, eating gluten-free often may cause you to eat more whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and lean meats. These diet changes are often healthier and lower in calories. People eating gluten-free or aiming to eat cleaner foods also tend to make healthier food choices because they are more aware of the need to read food labels and choose products with no sugar, artificial additives, preservatives etc.

How do you intend to market Well&Truly?

This July we will be exhibiting at Europe’s largest "Free From" Show in Kensington Olympia and during the summer we will be going around the country to different food and county shows sampling our products (Well&Truly Tortilla Chips & our Well&Truly Refreshing Gazpacho drink).

You might also spot us driving around London in our little red electrical vehicle handing out samples and visiting stores.

Finish the sentence: I wish I that I could visit....and....with all the... 

I wish I could drum up enough support for the message that healthy eating can be as easy as "simple swaps" so that I could visit 10 Downing Street and discuss how we spread this simple message to people of all age groups in the UK with the PM, Downing Street policy makers and advisors.

What plans do you have for Well&Truly over the coming year?

We are looking forward to launching our third product in Tesco in July; introducing as many people as possible to Well&Truly over the next 12 months, extending our product range and continue to build nationwide distribution. We are driven to give consumers more choice…so hopefully that’s what we can do!

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