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We have had the honour over the last few years to speak with startups and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors, and one thing truly stood out. It wasn’t a lack of ideas, creativity or innovation it was the lack of guidance and knowledge, which is what lead us to include this fantastic programme.


Nicky Rudd, founder and Managing Directors of Padua Communications

Industry: Content Marketing and Public Relations

Nicky Rudd has over 25 years experience and has worked with businesses in various industries and stages. She can offer expertise and advice in the areas of business development, marketing, creative strategies, public relations, business operations and would pair well with businesses at any level. Nicky has experience as a business mentor.


Ryan Jackson, founder and Managing Director of Gemini Parking Solutions

Industry: Car Parking Management

Ryan Jackson has over 15 years experience and delivers advice and expertise that startups and small business owners in disruptive industries can benefit from. He can give advice on pinpointing and executing visions and direction, building a strong team, managing business operations and growth hacking. Ryan would pair well with startups at any stage of their business journey. Nicky has experience as a business mentor.

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Lawrence Mallinson, founder and Managing Director of James White Drinks Ltd

Industry: Food and Drinks

Lawrence Mallinson has over 40 years work experience and is one of the most experienced entrepreneur in the Food and Drinks industry. He has immense knowledge in the logistics and operational area in the food and drinks industry. Would pair well with startups or small business owners who already have already built their brand and are operating, but require direction to increase growth and work on strategy. Nicky has experience as a business mentor.

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Lucy Werner, founder of The Werner PR

Industry: Public Relations

Lucy Werner has over 12 years experience working both in-house and for some of London's top agencies. She is an expert in PR for startups and has built a strong team to do just that. Lucy will be well paired with a startup from any industry who needs help with their PR. Lucy has experience as a business mentor.

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Ritam Ghandi, founder of Studio Graphene

Industry: Tech Agency

Studio Graphene plans, designs and builds blank canvas technology products. The agency is focused on helping startups navigate the journey from conceptualising an idea that they are passionate about to making it a commercial reality. Its focus and technical capability is in two key areas: mobile and web application development, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Having worked as a consultant over 10 years at the likes of Bank of America and Accenture. Ritam would pair well with an entrepreneur who has a product idea that they have validated and are ready to start building, but want to understand how to go about building a brand new digital product. Ritam has experience as a business mentor.

Max Ottignon, Co-founder, Ragged Edge.png

Max Ottignon, co-founder, Ragged Edge

Industry: Branding

Ragged Edge is a multi-disciplinary consultancy with branding at its heart. Working with clients such as the BBC, Google, Grey Goose, Bacardi and Gaucho, as well as a range of food and hospitality brands, their remit covers everything from brand creation including identity and strategy, through to implementation. Max has over 17 years work experience and would pair well with an early-stage start-up or an entrepreneur looking to scale-up. Max has experience as a business mentor.