21-year-old YouTuber & Cambridge Grad Launches YouTube-Inspired Company

Image: Joe Binder 

Image: Joe Binder 


Newly-graduated Cambridge alumni Joe Binder has set up his own digital marketing company, WOAW, to use his experience building a following online to help companies transform their reputations.

Joe hopes to use the tips he picked up from his popular Youtube channel, which has over 17,000 subscribers and 1,375,330 total views, and Facebook page series, “Students of...”, where he managed a team of 20 and got more than 2.5 million views at universities all over the country, to help businesses make high quality content that their audiences will love.

WOAW (pronounced WOW) offers businesses two main services: brand and reputation management, and tailored content marketing, where a team of experienced writers are on hand to make engaging content quickly, in whatever style and tone a company might want. 



Starting a business hasn’t been easy– Joe’s business strategy for the first 6 months was nearly thrown totally overboard when a major client pulled out at the last minute. But he persevered, and he’s now working with several clients in industries as diverse as Technology, Fintech, Recruitment and Beauty, and has more big projects lined up.

Accolades for Joe’s success have been pouring in: Ania Kubow, from the Insurance Technologoy company Nimbla, said how "WOAW has been fantastic in helping me grow my personal brand. My exposure increased by 20% in the first month and I put it down to the fantastic and topical content Joe and the team put together”. GoGetGlitter, a beauty company, said “Despite WOAW having no experience in the beauty industry, they were able to understand our business model and develop a social strategy that suited our brand perfectly”.

Joe has high hopes for WOAW over the next year, and hopes to quickly expand his staff and client base. More information, and testimonials about WOAW, can be found here.



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