Start-up Company strikes winning Partnership with Global Giant





Property Basecamp begins new venture with co-living pioneer, The Collective, that has introduced a new way of living to the London market

Launched in Ireland, start-up company, Property Basecamp has taken the London property market by storm and continues to do so by further enhancing its portfolio through a collaborative venture with co-living pioneer, The Collective, a company which champions a new way of living for professionals. 

Property Basecamp is a digital application, which connects a globally mobile workforce to their perfect home away from home, in one efficient and user centred experience. In a bid to streamline the relocation process, Property Basecamp offers employees with an array of readily available rental properties based on their own individual and unique needs.  

CEO and Co-Founder of Property Basecamp, Tom Courtney, states, “From day one, Property Basecamp’s key driver was not the properties we supply, but the people we support.

A positive employee experience is our number one mission, we want to provide an environment for relocating employees where they can foster relationships and build a reliable support network that they can look to and fall back on when needed. Our collaboration with The Collective offers us a platform to do just that.”

Through the use of shared spaces, facilities and regular events, co-living offers relocating employees the opportunity to fully integrate themselves into their new life with like- minded professionals, allowing them to grow personally and professionally, creating an entirely connected network.  



“Based on personal experience, I know how difficult it can be to not only start a new job but to relocate country as an extension of that. Paired with the challenges of integrating yourself into an entire new community, I was very aware that there was a serious gap in the market and that is where we come in.”

A concept which has been on the cards from day one for Property Basecamp, the partnership with The Collective enables both companies to spearhead the movement and introduce a new way of living to relocating employees. 

Tom continues, “With quality accommodation and a full circle support network, relocating for work has never been easier. 

“This collaboration is very exciting, I believe Property Basecamp is still in its infancy but this is the start of something very exciting, for not only the team but the dynamics of the entire relocation process and I look forward to seeing this partnership with the team at The Collective grow and develop from here.”

Reza Merchant, Founder & CEO of The Collective said, “Property Basecamp has the potential to make a huge mark on the process of relocation and we are very excited to be a part of that journey. I look forward to working with Tom and his team to see how both companies can grow and develop together.”

Property Basecamp has been defined by one of the largest estate agents in the Ireland, Sherry Fitzgerald as an ‘industry disruptor’ signifying its potential impact on the London property market . 



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