Drivers for Change: 100 young people will be inspired & equipped to play an increased role in improving their communities

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This is an opportunity to join a unique experience – the first of its kind in the UK  that is empowering exceptional young people to create change in their communities. It is also an opportunity to explore some of the innovative community projects around the country that are making a real difference.

We are looking for a team of 10 facilitators to work with a group of 10 young people for the full 11 days of the programme. The programme has been designed to emulate a journey, both practical and in the learning, and has a packed itinerary and travel schedule and facilitators are expected to be fully attentive to their group throughout the entire time. This is going to be a fun and inspiring experience for both participants and facilitators with a varied and diverse programme of inspirational speakers and organisations, creative and cultural entertainment and an opportunity to see the scope of the social and creative enterprise space in the UK. There will be a core lead facilitator who will ensure the smooth running of the programme for the entire 11 days and will coordinate the group facilitators to ensure one session flows smoothly to the next, brief and debrief each day and generally be around to ask any questions to. This is a voluntary professional development opportunity for people with a background or interest in working with young people in an innovative, creative and dynamic way, exploring how sustainable solutions to community challenges can be found.


This will be a unique opportunity to:

·      Engage with other facilitators from a range of backgrounds – including corporate, social enterprise and creative leaders

·      Shape and influence the journey for a small cohort of young people

·      Participate in sessions with leaders at the forefront of social change in the UK

·      Further hone leadership development tools and practice group facilitation

·      Mentor and support a group of exceptional young people, on the journey and beyond

·      Develop, lead and deliver workshops on topics ranging from business skills to interpersonal skills

All meals, transport and expenses for the journey will be covered

The Drivers for Change team will provide training and support both before and during the visit and our experienced lead facilitator and will be joined by other facilitators from a corporate, social enterprise and creative arts background.


The 3 main elements of the facilitator role will be:

Learning and Developing – facilitators will work with their groups to support them on the learning journey and on the learning sessions which will be delivered by guest speakers and organisations at each stop. The programme is aimed to develop the participants’ leadership and communication skills and to deepen understanding of the social issues that currently exist within society and how social and creative enterprise can provide sustainable solutions. The programme will also deliver the harder business skills that participants will acquire in order to set up or further develop a project such as a business model canvas, how to acquire funding, hackathons etc

Pastoral – facilitators will need to commit to supporting their group on a personal level throughout the entire journey. There will be a variety of participants attending from different backgrounds which will make up a varied group of ages, genders, ethnicities and social economic backgrounds. It is imperative that the young people feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole journey and the facilitator will be required to ensure the group offers a secure and positive space for the young people to work within. Examples of issues that might arise are homesickness, disagreements amongst the group, lack of participation in activities, breaking of house rules etc.

Mentoring  - there will be several surgeries style drop scheduled throughout the journey in which participants are able to speak to different facilitators in a “mentor” style session for around 15 mins to seek advice on a particular area of skill they would like to improve upon or find out more about. We would like each facilitator to be able to offer their knowledge or  expertise in their chosen area and to be available to work with the young people in one or two of these surgeries.


Facilitators will ideally have demonstrable experience working with young people either in a professional of voluntary capacity. We also expect facilitators to have an understanding of the how innovation, creativity and enterprise can help to provide practical and sustainable solutions for the problems that a common amongst societies and communities within the UK.

Recruitment process

All facilitators will be asked to fill in an application form (link below) and then will be asked to attend a short face to face or video chat.

There will be a training session ahead of the programme, on the second on the 20th June in Liverpool, the day before the launch of the programme which must be attended.


Facilitators will be asked to arrive at midday in Liverpool on the 20th June for 2 half days training (afternoon of the 20th and morning of the 21st). Participants will then arrive at 13:00 on the 21st June when the programme will begin.


We have a safeguarding policy in place which we must comply with in order to secure the safety and well being of our participants at all times. All facilitators will need to be DBS checked.

Drivers for Change is a registered charity and this is our pilot year. The contribution of voluntary facilitators is vital to our success. We have based our resourcing of facilitators on the proven Jagriti Yatra model and although we won't be able to pay a fee for your time all expenses relating to the programme will be covered including travel, food and accommodation.


About Drivers for Change

Drivers for Change is a 11-day journey that will inspire and equip young people to play an increased role in improving their communities. In June 2018, we're taking 100 young leaders around the UK to meet a variety of inspiring role models that are already working to make their communities thrive. By exploring advances in innovative practice from social enterprise, private business and the arts, the participants will gain a greater understanding of how they can create social impact within their own communities. The inspirational visits will be coupled with an intensive leadership development and enterprise skills programme. Each participant will also receive practical support to create a personal social action and/or enterprise plan. They will return more focused and connected, with increased confidence in their ability to create place-based social change. The programme will end with an evening in the Southbank Centre, along with a session in the House of Lords, where participants will be joined by policy makers to share the learning’s and plans going forward for the locations visited during the journey.


To Apply

For more information about the project check out and apply using this link .Please email with any questions and we look forward to hearing from you.