Eurostop tells retailers to keep options open as 75% opt for cloud-based solutions


Eurostop, a supplier of cloud and in-house IT solutions to the fashion and lifestyle sectors, has today announced that 75% of new customers are selecting the cloud in favour of other systems.

The benefits of cloud-based systems are that they provide real time access to data, offer simple software upgrades, and are not reliant on fixed servers. Despite this, some retailers feel that in-house servers are more secure, not affected by unreliable internet connectivity, and that it is easier to utilise integration tools when all software is stored locally. 

While Eurostop have said they are happy to supply cloud-based solutions, they feel that retailers should select a supplier that allows them to keep their hosting options open. Retailers should be aware that their IT infrastructure may change drastically over time, so this should definitely be factored into the decision making process.

This announcement follows on from an article published by Eurostop entitled: “Keep your options open, Cloud vs In-house. Which one is best?” The findings of this paper reveal that while the cloud provides flexible and scalable IT systems for growth, the in-house servers provide faster access, and better control over data. In addition to this, in-house servers can recoup capital investment within 18 months.

As a well-established supplier to the retail sector for over twenty five years, we have seen how customers require varied solutions to support their business at different times. Despite the current trend for cloud, which we are happy to supply, we recommend keeping your options open…Retailers should remain flexible to adjust as business requirements change.
— Marcus Ardeman, Sales Executive at Eurostop
Triss DuncanComment