Exam revison made easy with internets first online tutoring platform



Like most parents across the UK, your child may be getting ready for their SAT’s or GCSE’s and you may be feeling the pressure. This is especially important as Theresa May announced new Grammar Schools, so more and more parents are turning to private tuition.  With the expense of private tuition costing £20 to £80+ per hour, it can be big stretch for most households

This is where Eddy, founder of School Exams, spotted a pain area and went about solving the problem. He created a self-funded website that gives access to experienced online tutors, who are dedicated to preparing children for their exams. 

As the first of its kind, School Exams allows the each student to gain access to past official exam papers for SAT’S and GCSE’s up until 2016. The tutoring will be given on Maths and English, by leading lecturers who mark and set the exam papers. The platform also hosts videos for every question, showing each student how to problem solve. Students can gain access on PC/MAC, smartphones and tablets, which adds to the ease of use.



This is the closest online resource to the in-person experience of having a tutor. The model is similar to that of Netflix, where the content is streamed and so cannot be shared. 

Some of the prices are as follows:

•          GCSE papers pre 2017 - £9.98 for entire exam (£4.99 per paper, 2 papers per exam

•          2017 GCSE sample exams - £14.97 for an entire exam (£4.99 per paper, 3 papers per exam

•          11+  - £3.99 per paper

•          KS2 (SATs) - £7.47 for entire exam (£2.49 per paper, 3 papers per exam) 

All papers are bought on an individual basis, and are for one year's access. With each purchase, the reader can download the blank question paper and sit the exam, access the videos to mark their own paper and learn where they made mistakes, and finally download the question papers with all the correct written solutions. One GCSE paper contains well over 90 minutes of video content.



How often is a website and concept the first on the internet? Being in the educational sector makes this concept even more exciting.

School Exams intends to level the playing field by making exam tuition more affordable and accessible for everyone, no matter what level they start at.


If your child is preparing for exams and you want to find out more about School Exams, head over to their website.