Google and Slack have joined forces

Slack and Google team up


Slack has slowly grown to become one of the must have tools, to make it easier to manage and communicate as a team. With smaller more informal integrations with Google over the past few years, it has come as no surprise that both companies have decided to make their collaboration official.

They are working together to better connect Slack's messaging product with Google Drive's cloud storage services. This does not include all the other tie-ins both companies have in the pipeline, as stated by the executives of both Slack and Google. For the first time, engineering, sales and development teams on both sides are working together to solve any issues posed by their shared customers.

This collaboration means that Slack and Google Drive customers will automatically receive updates from Google Drive bots while they are using Slack. This will increase the speed of which changes are brought to the attention of corporate teams using the popular messaging software. All joint development work has so far, revolved around Google Drive and a much earlier integration with Google Hangout's chat application, but with this move, the amount of collaborations are set to increase.

“Google and Slack share the same vision for the future of work: that smart software could bring teams together and make all of their work and conversations seamlessly available in one place,” said Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners.



Slack, the Twitter like news feed shared by corporate workgroups, has very rapidly increased since launch and claims to have over 4 million daily active users worldwide. Although Slack has been working with Google Drive for sometime, they are also connected to Microcoft with Microsoft Office Shops and much more. I guess both rivals; Microsoft and Google were impressed by what slack has created.

To have both competitors collaborating with the same platform is very interesting. We all know that Google Apps for Work competes with Microsoft Office and Google Drive is in strong competition with Microsoft OneDrive.

Albeit a very awkward position to be in from the outside, Slack has a lot to offer and having both power companies on board, there will be greater things to come.



Nadine SandcroftComment