How much time are YOU wasting In The Office? New Interactive Tool analyses how UK employees will spend their time at work

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A brand new interactive tool poses a series of leading questions to help British workers uncover such office statistics as how many times a year they will visit the bathroom, how often they spend on social media sites, how long they will spend commuting and how many hours they have left until they are eligible for retirement.

The team at online office furniture supplier Kit Out My Office have used existing employment data in order to design and create the Your Office Life tool.

The microsite offers users the chance to input their own unique information and personal details in order to generate a full insight into their own employment insight. 

As well as uncovering roughly how many hours they will still need to work before retirement and the number of hours they will spend commuting to their place of employment annually, the tool will also reveal the amount of hot drinks that each worker will consume annually, and the time they’ll spend doing so. 



Gareth Jones, spokesperson for Kit Out My Office, commented on the launch of the new tool:

“With millions of Britons classing themselves as either full or part-time office workers, we were keen to explore how a year would look in terms of common office activities when broken down. I think many users will be somewhat surprised to learn how those 20 minutes a day checking Facebook, or time spent chatting to co-workers in the office kitchen, can all add up!”