New Startup disrupting the beauty industry with 3D Luxury Lashes

New Startup disrupting the beauty industry with 3D Luxury Lashes .png

Founded by London-based Fashion Stylist and Make-Up Artist Ira Arz,
 ENVIE Lashes was born from the idea of creating 3D luxury lashes easily and readily available for everyone. Inspired by the hectic behind-the-scenes world of photo shoots and runways, Ira Arz wanted to recreate this glamorous accessory in innovative design and various styles to achieve a wide range of thicker and fuller eyelashes for all make-up artists out there.

“The time consuming, DIY process of cutting and gluing lashes on top of other lashes to create different looks was one of the main drivers for me to develop the range of unique 3D lashes designs, I wanted to make this accessory easily available online for anyone out there who loves trying out new make-up looks"

"The insight behind launching the ENVIE brand was to solve the problem commonly found during photoshoots and design a product suited to makeup artists and their need for a dynamic product range of false lashes that embrace luxury and glamour in every aspect without sacrificing quality." - Ira

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The brand new product collection which has already been picked up by a variety of TV presenters & makeup artists on Instagram and YouTube, hosts 12 different lash types across 3D Mink, Faux Mink and Premium Silk.

Each with its own different style and produced with different materials, differentiated within the collection. Their most popular collection is the handmade 3D Mink range, gently brushed and harvested through Siberian mink hair by cruelty-free method, known to be the softest hairs in the world.

The secondary collection stands out to the more eco-friendly consumers, categorized under the vegan option of Faux Mink; created to mimic the real mink hair using luxe tapered synthetic fibers.

Creating the products, developing the brand and the company with people and nature in mind; ENVIE Lashes contributes to an eco-friendly scheme of producing all of the product packaging using recycled materials, along with the use of recycle cardboard boxes for every shipping option.

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