New to the market and now ready for early deployment: yellobox

New to the market and now ready for early deployment: yellobox .jpeg

The brainchild of tech- entrepreneur Laurence Moore, yellobox seamlessly blends data sharing, digital marketing and lead-capture into one opt-in interaction, without reliance on a mobile app - and like any true disruptor, yellobox is slashing the cost of lead-capture technology - a reduction of up to 80% in comparison to alternate products on the market today.

“The SME market is heavily reliant on barcode scanners, a plethora of promotional print and business cards and mobile apps, or a few digital alternatives with limited functionality,” explains Laurence. “I thought there had to be a better way to streamline the process and enable real-timebenefits for all the parties involved, namely the Organiser, the Exhibitor and the Attendee.”

Be an early adopter

Following four years in development and three successful proof of concept events, yellobox has already added the likes of Heathrow Airport Holdings and Sightcare Group to its client list. The technology provider is now seeking to partner with conferences and exhibitions of up to 750 Attendees and 100 Exhibitors. It also hopes to join forces with a hotel brand or venue chain to demonstrate the potential of yellobox to deliver an extra revenue stream.

Laurence stated, “We have a reseller model which allows Hotels and Venues to markup the cost ofthe yelloboxes and brand all the hardware, enabling them to increase their service offering.”

How does yellobox work?

There are three components to our revolutionary system, at the centre of which is the yellohub - positioned in the Venue and connected to the Internet. Connected to this yellohub can be

hundreds of portable yelloboxes, available to each Exhibitor, located in conference rooms or even adjacent Venue space, while Attendees have yellocards (these double as entry badges) or yellobands.

When an Attendee visits a stand or enters a conference room they simply tap their yellocard on a yellobox to collect Exhibitor materials and contact details - no more back-breaking brochure bags. Attendees can access this information at any time using any web enabled device.

Through this process, Exhibitors effortlessly collect Attendee contact details, while also being able to assign notes and a priority level to each lead. The exhibition Organiser, meanwhile, gets unparalleled insight into the ROI their event is delivering, with the ability to see all information exchanged in real-time via a secure online dashboard.

“Attendance was half that of the previous year, however leads were doubled using yellobox.”~ Mauve Events ~

Additional features under development include:

  •  Attendee/Exhibitor messaging facility

  •  Ability to upload photos and assign to lead-capture records

  • Linkedin profile integration

  • Eventbrite API

  • Salesforce or alternative CRM integration

  • Cashless payment extension for Festivals

Green and compliant

yellobox not only delivers greater ROI for everybody, it also helps Organisers to improve the sustainability of their events by eliminating the need for printed materials.

“More Organisers are being mindful of the cost and wastage of print at events,” says Laurence Moore. “yellobox is a completely digital system, besides the yellobadges, which are recyclable.”

yellobox also takes data security and data privacy very seriously - “yellobox is fully GDPR compliant.We act only as the processor of data, which remains in control by our clients. We neverown/sell/rent Exhibitor or Attendee data and data is removed from our servers after seven days.”

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