Stoke-on-Trent band becomes first in the UK to create a completely ‘fan-owned record label’

From left to right: Alex Coleman (Guitar), Aled Roberts (Bass), Nick Pilgrim (Vocals), Simon Whitney, (Drums)

From left to right: Alex Coleman (Guitar), Aled Roberts (Bass), Nick Pilgrim (Vocals), Simon Whitney, (Drums)




Stoke-on-Trent alt-rock band Alter Eden has announced its new record label which is owned completely by its fans.

Formed in 2015 the band first released a self-produced EP before releasing their debut single, ‘Tigers and Lambs’ last February which led them to amass a substantial fan base across the UK.

Realising that direct communication with fans was key to a successful launch, the next logical step for the band was to turn that interaction into an organic, decision-making, dynamic and creative force.

‘A 100%, fan-owned record label is the ultimate collaboration,’ says the band’s frontman Nick Pilgrim. ‘Fans buy the music and go to shows but they often feel that they’ve left on the outside.

‘We want our fans to be part of our creative process – effectively our fans will become part of our band. ‘By bringing everyone together like this and cutting out the middle man we’re able to deliver our music directly to the people who matter most.’



To celebrate the launch of the record label Alter Eden have released a new single and music video titled 'Holding Out'. The single is produced by Heaven's Basement producer David Radhad Jones and mastered by Led Zeppelin Mastering Engineer Peter Hewitt-Dutton.

Now fans are coming forward to express their excitement about the new record label. Adam Broadhurst (25, Newcastle-under-Lyme) has followed the band since their beginning and says, ‘Fans have always dictated what artists create.

‘Putting them directly in the loop and cutting out the middle management is a totally natural process that I can’t believe has never been attempted before.’

The band will use a crowdfunding platform known as Patreon where they’ll ask fans to contribute just £3.50 a month. This will provide the creators with a sustainable income while retaining full creative control.

The band is now urging fans to join them on the next stage of the band’s journey and in turn the birth of a new style of record level – whether that’s simply to follow the band’s progress or attain an executive producer credit.




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