The New Entrepreneurs Foundation seeks the UK’s best, young entrepreneurial talent for ‘Class of 2019’

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The New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) is on the hunt for 50 of the UK’s most ambitious young entrepreneurs to help achieve their startup dream. The country’s leading entrepreneurial development programme supports young, twenty-somethings with weighty ambitions to start their own business and offers a package of unrivalled start-up skills training, personal coaching, business mentoring, paid-work placement and access to influential networking opportunities.

Applications for a place on the 2017/2018 programme are made HERE. Applications close at the end of March 2018.

Those selected for the NEF Class of 2019 join a legacy of young entrepreneurs who have launched disruptive, fast-growing businesses - such as  Thriva, One Third Stories, Inkpact, Burrow, Joey Wears, Hometree and Wiser . In the past six years, the NEF has helped more than 200 young entrepreneurs launch 92 new businesses, create over 1,000 new jobs and raise more than £27 million in early stage funding.



The NEF programme feeds into the organisations wider strategy of developing entrepreneurial skills in individuals, making targeted entrepreneur-led interventions in underserved sectors and, finally, influencing countrywide entrepreneurial strategy.

Online applications for NEF’s 2018/2019 cohort closes at the end of March. Applicants must have either recently graduated with 1+ years work experience or about to leave higher education and fall into one of three categories - 1. Emerging entrepreneurs, 2. Early-stage entrepreneurs and 3. Career changers (i.e. those already working in the corporate world).  

Those selected will join the programme in September 2018 and will  receive an intensive learning and development programme, business coaching and mentorship as well as a one-year paid work placement at a fast-growth company working alongside the CEOs and senior management to get hands-on experience of managing a growing company.




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