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Callum Negus-Fancey is the 28 year-old CEO and cofounder of StreetTeam, a peer-to-peer software company for live entertainment that connects people with more than 200 of the world’s most popular festivals and events across 14 countries, including Bonarroo, Bestival, SW4, Leeds, Reading, Live Nation and lots more. Callum left school at 17 years-old, abandoning his A-levels, with the dream of building an events company; which eventually became StreetTeam and has landed $10m from Kindred CapitalFrontline Ventures, and Backed, including Universal Music Group, Saatchi Invest, and Peter Davies.  The company is run by both Callum and his 24 year old brother Liam.

Offices are currently located in London, LA, Austin and Poland. Callum believes in freedom and ownership with the focus entirely on the value his employees create. There are no set hours, meetings are optional and you can take as much holiday as you need. The company only cares about the results people deliver.

StreetTeam is behind some of the most amazing festivals across the globe, including Bonnaroo and Spring Awakening. As incredible as this sounds, all of this was built up over years of creating the right formula.



Ambassadors on StreetTeam receive rewards in exchange for selling tickets to the events they attend. Incentives vary on a case-by-case basis and may include:

· A free ticket in return for selling eight tickets

· VIP access for selling 16 tickets

· The opportunity to meet a headlining artist for 35 tickets and so on

· The number one reason anyone goes to a new show is because of word-of-mouth. It’s not because of the line-up or the creative; it’s because their friends have talked about it and said they are going. 

· As an example, StreetTeam ambassadors now account for over 20% of Bestival’s total ticket sales

Mobilising influential fans makes it possible to reach audiences with genuine, trustworthy recommendations rather than advertising – as well as through offline channels which traditional and digital marketing cannot penetrate.



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