UniDosh: The App Revolutionising the way Students Save and Make Money

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Created by two students, Oliver Jacobs & Joseph Black, after playing witness to the financial struggles students’ succumb whilst at university, they have devoted the last 2 years around their studies with the intention of revolutionising the way in which students both earn and save money throughout their time in higher education. UniDosh allows students to find part time work in order to earn money as and when they want on a safe, secure and reliable platform (a student only platform). With a long list of useful categories ranging from tutoring to after party cleaning, UniDosh has the answer! 

With the UniDosh app and its user-friendly platform students now have the ability to choose between affordable services and an additional income, whilst  at the same time offering students the opportunity to help each other. As a result growing the student community and creating a truer stronger union of students.

Joseph, co-founder of UniDosh comments: "UniDosh allows students to use skills they already possess, in order to gain fast and reliable part time work. Students are able to choose their own job, their own hours and their own wage, as well as accepting odd jobs posted by local students. UniDosh eliminates the need to seek a part time job, by allowing students to work effectively around their studies with the added bonus of enjoying what they are doing. Through our "What do you need" bar found on the app homepage, students are able to task local students with odd jobs at a price they can afford, such as DJ's, Tutoring, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping & more, as a result saving students money on any services they may require throughout their studies."



"We aim to open UniDosh up to a variety of other university cities, come September and then UK Wide. The aim is to become the go to place for students to both earn and save money throughout their studies whilst growing the student community as a whole. We have some exciting updates we are working on for September, which we believe will improve the overall flow of the app alongside improved algorithms for the matching of buyers to sellers." says Joseph and Oliver, co-founders of UniDosh.

UniDosh was hard launched this September in Manchester and now has over 5,000 active users trading on the platform. The dynamic duo have gone from strength too strength, having won multiple awards, such as: TOG100 hosted by ‘The Office Group’, ‘Accelerate places’ Northern pitch night & ‘EY & The Tabs’ Founders 30, naming the Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs as ‘Young entrepreneurs of the year, 2017’.

Speaking on how users are responding to UniDosh, they said: "Our users are loving the platform, we are seeing a constant increase in activity on a daily basis. We have seen a fantastic range of services, being listed on the app. Anything from Mandarin tutoring to pole dancing classes. Its great! We have even had a user purchase 'A months worth of freshly cooked meals' on the go for the last 3 months, all cooked by a local culinary student who just happened to live close by. We have a strong customer support network in place and try and assist our users along their journey where ever possible." 

For more information please visit: www.unidosh.com


Download the app on iOS or Android

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/unidosh/id1195121378?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unidosh&hl=en


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