Verv brings world’s most advanced smart home solution to UK consumers

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Missing piece of smart home story, the Verv home energy assistant, now available to pre-order in UK.


Verv, a brand that that sits under machine learning experts Green Running Ltd., announced its industry leading, smart home energy assistant is available to pre-order in the UK. The Verv home energy assistant, which will hand control over energy bills back to the consumer, is an AI solution that transforms everyday household appliances into truly smart ones - connecting consumers to their electricity and creating a happier, healthier home. The plug and play solution, which requires no electrician to install, is currently available to pre-order directly from the Verv website, via and at Ebuyer, retailing at £249, and will be in homes across the UK from mid-November 2017.

Verv has launched a £500k equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to democratise energy usage and further bring its smart home solution to the mass UK market. Verv will also be using the capital raised for developing its industry leading blockchain technology solution to enable peer-to-peer energy trading – Verv 2.0. 

The most frustrating thing about electricity bills is not being able to see a full breakdown of how much each appliance costs, and according to USwitch (2016) 60 per cent of people do not understand their energy bills. The Verv home energy assistant not only solves this problem but goes even further.

Within three seconds of turning on an appliance, Verv starts tracking the energy consumption, sampling data at speeds of hundreds of thousands of times per second – over a million times faster than standard smart meters.

This speed allows the system to identify the footprint of each individual appliance so the consumer can see how much each appliance costs to run, in real-time, via the mobile app. It will even analyse the energy efficiency of each appliance and suggest more eco-friendly options. As such, consumers can make informed decisions about how they should use appliances and can take full control of their energy usage.

The Verv home energy assistant also alerts home owners when appliances have been left on, eliminating the chance of leaving the iron or hair straighteners on when they leave the house, ultimately safeguarding millions of homes.

An additional holiday mode function means consumers will be notified of any activity in their home while they’re away, alerting them to potential intruders. In a similar vein, for those who want to have peace of mind over elderly friends or relatives who may live alone, Verv can provide a non-intrusive way of noting any out of the ordinary behaviour in their daily routines.



Through its patented machine learning algorithms, it can even notify home owners when their appliances are starting to deteriorate, going as far as to tell them where the problem lies (for example a problem with the filter in their washing machine). This allows an engineer to be informed of the exact problem so they can come armed with the right parts – saving the hassle of multiple visits.

CEO and Founder of Verv, Peter Davies said: “We’re on a mission to make homes smarter and more efficient, reducing the environmental impact and energy bills of each individual home by tackling energy at its core. I truly believe this is the missing piece in the jigsaw of the connected home.”

Verv was part of Launchpad, Google’s global start-up program, when developing its innovative smart home software and hardware solution.

Mark Masterson, Global Program Manager at Google Launchpad commented: Verv is my favourite tech start-up at the moment and that's why I was proud to have them as part of the google campus launchpad accelerator programme. Their talented team of rockstar data scientists and engineers continues to push the boundaries of this technology and their smart home product is really innovative, I'm very proud to support them.”



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