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First read:

The Story of Boxes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Secret to Human Liberation, Peace and Happiness

Written by Runa Magnus and Nicholas Haines

Have you ever heard someone say “Men are like this” or “Women are like that” 

Or the latest “Millennials think this way” 

That’s putting people into Boxes, and it immediately limits them to their Box. 

What if you’re a woman, and collaboration isn't your style? Or a man and all you want to do is care and collaborate?

Or you’re a Millennial and you don’t live on your phone? 

And the list goes on and on… 

Putting people into boxes limit us all in terms of who we are and what we can become. 

The Story of Boxes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly shines a light on our mental habit of thinking in “boxes” – the authors’ lucid metaphor for the generalisations, classifications, and stereotypes that shape our thoughts and, ultimately, our lives. We are living in turbulent times. Conflict and social unrest seem to be everywhere, and rapid technological changes are only adding to the cultural upheavals. Uncertainty – about the future, about ourselves – looms large in the collective consciousness of humanity. But is there a realistic path towards liberation, peace, and happiness for us all? 

We chose this book because we wanted to explore the boxes we either place ourselves in on a daily basis or those boxes that others place us in. In business, it can get challenging and sometimes because of our boxes, things can become incredibly limiting, so let’s dive into The Story of Boxes.

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