Many people believe the misconception that their business does not need a website, but after working in marketing, I can absolutely confirm that you need a website; no matter how small your business is. Thinking about the time we are currently operating in, even if you had a shop front, you would still need a website. The cost of creating one isn't as expensive as it once was and it could cost you absolutely nothing, if you spent a few hours working it on your own.

To blast any doubt of having a website out of your head, I will be detailing reasons why you need one and how it will benefit your business.

Instant credibility

It takes much more than a Facebook page these days to be seen as a legitimate business. People may find you on Facebook, but will be looking for a call to action or a contact button that leads to your website. It's a complete natural reaction to online content now; to have a website at the other end of it.

When your target audience goes hunting online, if you don't have a website they will very quickly turn to your competitor. It's important to have a professional looking website to increase online credibility, especially if you don't have a shop front to show. Remember that your website is the first thing your target audience will see, so it needs to be up to date and visually pleasing. You can create a very clean and professional looking website within 2 weeks, by using Squarespace.


You will be able to save some money

As mentioned before, getting a website up and running can cost far less than it did 15 years ago when it was a new thing for everyone. Instead of leasing a shop, you can put that money into building a website that fits in with your brand and appeals to your target audience.

Running a business online is the perfect way implement cost effective advertising. It will cost significantly less to run online ads than it would to run an ad in the newspapers. Your conversion rates will be higher and your ability to directly target your ideal customer will quadruple, simply by operating online. You can reach someone who enjoys badminton, between the age of 18 to 25, female and lives in London, much easier online than you could offline at any time of the day; simply based on the use of social media, other targeted online ads or social media hashtags.


Keep your current customers informed while reaching new ones

Think of how easy it is to update your website with the latest deal or new stock, compared to the process of designing flyers, posting and hoping your target audience won't just throw it in the bin. Being online means you can change up the way your brand looks much easier or run competitions to increase your mailing list.

Just think about the difference between sharing your content via post than to update and share online. Once you have a website, you can incorporate social media channels, where your target audience can follow and support your journey as well as purchasing your product or service.



There is no closing time

Your website will be open for business 24 hours a day. It's the easiest way to make money while you sleep – literally. So, off to bed you go, only to wake up to X amount of orders without having to constantly push anything. I know I am not the only one who loves to shop at night, while the littles ones are asleep, because I have greater clarity at that point.

If my favourite businesses were not online, I would find it much harder to shop. A good example is Primark; although they offer really good bargains and I wouldn't mind purchasing for the sake of saving money. on perishable items. I tend to purchase from them around once every 3 months I should think and that's because I have less time to go into town now, but much more to spend online at 10pm ordering things I need.



Having a blog attached to your website is a great way to showcase your products. You can blog about upcoming product ranges – top must have products that you offer or even videos on how to use a specific product or service. The amount of things you can do with a blog is endless and it will all get stored by Google. Which means whenever someone types the keywords that link to a particular blog post, that blog post will pop up in their search results; even 5 years down the line.

You will be surprised how easy and valuable it is to communicate with and build rapport with your target audience, just by having a blog.


An uncapped customer base

Your website will become your shop front, without the restrictions of location or size. Anyone, from anywhere in the world will be able to access your website and shop. The idea of course is to grow your business as big as possible, without any limits on customer capacity. Operating online delivers exactly that and more.

No matter what kind of business you choose to run, a website will be one of your greatest assets to achieve the success you're after. Most people don't take a Facebook page or an Instagram page as seriously as they would a website. Does it need to cost the earth? Absolutely not. You can build one on your own and pay as little as $17 a month for hosting.