Women in Tech: Isabelle Ohnemus




Hi Isabelle, so who is the lady behind EyeFitU?

I’m Isabelle Ohnemus; Founder and CEO of fashion-sizing platform EyeFitU.

Currently based in Zurich with my family, I am pursuing my passion for fashion and technology through the creation and ongoing development of EyeFitU. I’m fluent in six different languages - which is very useful since I’m travelling internationally several times a year with EyeFitU!


What were you doing before you decided to create EyeFitU?

I worked in investment banking! Before EyeFitU was born, I was a broker for over ten years in one of the largest global investment banks. In addition to that I was Chairwoman and VP Committee Member of Swiss Red Cross for seven years;  an Advisory Board Member at LA Dansk for sixteen years; a member of Creative Women’s Circle Switzerland; and, Executive board of the FDP Frauen Kanton Zürich and Executive Board of the FDP Bezirk Meilen for more than ten years. It all sounds completely different to what I’m doing now, and yet, my background gave me the solid foundation to move into the world of FashTech.


Getting involved in Tech is still a new thing for women, what was the motivation for you?

Whilst I have always had a huge love for fashion, I was also becoming increasingly frustrated and impatient with the inconsistency in fashion sizing. I wanted and needed to do something about it and this ultimately led me into Tech.


How have you found your journey so far and what has been your greatest accomplishment?

The company was founded in 2013 and I am very happy to be able to solve a big consumer pain by allowing shoppers to access some of the greatest brands in the world on one platform in their size according to their body measurements.


What has been the most challenging thing so far?

Everything we have done did not exist before; therefore challenges are an integral part of the process, from integration to testing to automation to re-testing - we’re constantly developing. 

Through the use of smart technology EyeFitU aims to change the face of online shoppingby inspiring a personalised shopping experience for the users.



Do you think more women should get involved in Tech and why?

Absolutely! Like most things in life, Tech is by no means gender exclusive. I have been fortunate enough to have met many women (and men) who are incredibly talented and passionate about technology. Just because it is currently known as being a male-dominated industry shouldn’t faze women; it should drive them.


What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs who are stuck on an idea?

Nurture and pursue your idea. If you’re ‘stuck’ on it I’d say you are already in too deep to let it slide anyway. Be passionate, never stop learning and being curious; knowledge is power.


What does it mean to be a female tech entrepreneur?

I feel fortunate enough to have been able to pair my love for fashion with technology to create something that is ground-breaking; EyeFitU can positively change the face of shopping for both the customer and the fashion industry.


Overview of how EyeFitU works:

The EyeFitU platform allows users - male and female - to create a personal sizing profile which filters through online shopping results to find the perfect personal fit. Use it online to shop in your size through hundreds of brands! You can also use it in store selecting items to take into the fitting room.


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