3 Ways Your Office Décor can have an Impact on Your Business

In partnership with Kaiser+Kraft

In partnership with Kaiser+Kraft


Office décor hasn’t always been an essential factor, but over time, we have come to realise that it does matter and can make a massive difference. The key to remember when thinking about décor is – how do you want to be perceived? In the same way, first impressions matter when meeting your client, so does the first impressions of your office. What does it say about your company?

Apart from what your client thinks, your focus should also be on your employees; with an emphasis on organisation, functionality and an overall happy environment. The more welcoming your office is, the more at ease your clients and employees will be, especially with office furniture from Kaiser+Kraft. Let’s look into three ways your office décor can affect your business.


Your office is a representation of your business

It’s obvious to see why, but your office space does tell everyone a lot about who you are. Are you an innovator? More focused on team building? Tech-driven? If you are, then it is expected that your space is modern, bright and airy with lots of clean lines. Every aspect of your space says something about your business, from the desks you’ve chosen, down to your plants and wall art. What story do you want your office to tell? 

For example, to enhance the overall decor and story of a publishing company, you may want to go for sleek furniture (white is a great option), clean lines, bold artwork, lots of smart storage, and an open plan layout, allowing your employees to communicate with ease across marketing, editorial or even the sales team. 


Increase sales 

As mentioned previously having a great office space will give off an excellent first impression to potential clients, resulting in more sales. 

But, it’s also about utilising your space efficiently and possibly creating another income stream. Most business owners do not tend to look into how well their office is functions, resulting in a waste of space that could be rented out to other business owners, looking for the same décor and feel. 

Your employees should feel valued

A lot of people tend to work late hours 3-5 days out of the week, so they are sometimes spending more time in their office than they are home. If your office isn’t laid out well, doesn’t have great storage, lacks natural light or feels cramped, your employees may feel uncomfortable. Feeling distressed or uncomfortable at work tends to result in low productivity and creativity, this can be a direct result of poorly designed office spaces.

Although impressing your current clients or potential clients is essential, you also need to consider your employees – they will be the ones handling workload you cannot and communicating with your clients on a regular basis. So, you may want to ensure that they feel appreciated and are inspired to come into work and stay late if they need to. By showing your employees that they are valued, you will increase productivity and joy in your office, which in-turn reduces sick-leave and creates a great work environment for everyone. 

Your story ties in with your business, they both work in tandem, so creating a space that reflects both yourself and your business is very important. The energy and image that you share with the world echo through your office. Your clients will compare your office with your personality and capabilities, so having a cramped space will off unorganised or cluttered mental state. This is the same even if you work from home, your space is a reflection of yourself and your business, and may affect your work output and mood, so creating an environment that fosters focus and creativity is key. To get you started, you can find great office furniture at Kaiser+Kraft, ranging from modern to traditional pieces.