Does your Logo Design work in the Digital Age?

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I found this piece very interesting, so had to share in my Thursday guest post feature. How many of us actually think about our logo designs and whether it's effective in the current age; Suzanne Wallace shares her view.

Everywhere we look it seems we’re connected to digital devices, in fact we’re more connected than ever with two thirds of UK adults owning smart phones and 12 million Apple watches being sold since April 2015 many of us are doubling up on our digital accessories.

We live in a world where we can access any information, whenever we want it - but this is doing something strange to logo design. Amidst the noise of 2016 we are becoming more attracted to simple designs and shunning busy, over-complicated logos. For millennial design, less is more and logos are now being designed using clever metaphors to communicate a brand’s intention all whilst looking great on the multiple screens they will be viewed on. Looking at the logo design trends of the last year we can see how brands are adopting simplistic designs to help their company stand out amongst the clutter of millennial living.


Google’s Digital Age Design

Where Google leads, others follow and last September the search engine giant launched their new simplistic logo, ideal for their digital audience. The change occurred when the company realised the way we interact with screens has changed and we now use multiple devices to search differently.

  • The Logo - A sans-serif flat design that mimics their playful nature.

  • The Google G -A scalable mark that could convey the feeling of the full logotype in constrained spaces.

  • Coloured Dots – A distilled version of the logo to be used in periods of transition

The logo will be one of any of these three depending on what device the user is accessing the search engine. The logo is explained by the Vice President and User Experience Designer in the launch post as:

"We think we’ve taken the best of Google (simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly), and recast it not just for the Google of today, but for the Google of the future."

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Mastercard’s Master Plan

Since Google’s plunge into simplistic flat design, others have followed suit with the most recent development in rebranding coming from Mastercard. The brand has had to plan strategically with designers to create a logo that is future-proof and encompasses the needs of the millennial generation, but doesn’t alienate their existing customers of the last fifty years.

Design team Michael Bierut and Luke Hayman of Pentagram worked hard to hold fast to the brand’s identity and created a modern design that will work across all platforms, digital and traditional.

  • The cluttered “teeth” were removed in place of overlapping circles representing the connectivity of the digital age.

  • The orange central colour is to connote the transparency of the brand and their banking solutions.

  • The “flat” design provides great user experience for digital customers.

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Tips for your Logo in the Digital Age

For entrepreneurs looking to create the perfect logo in 2016 you’re advised to KISS – Keep It Simple Silly! So, what design techniques work for today’s market? UK logo design team Repeat Logo explain the secret to great logo design.

Try to narrow down your ideas to the main message you are trying to convey and start there. If you try to use too many colours, images, fonts or words you are going to confuse and inevitably lose your audience.”


Cornerstone of Design

Shapes can affect you audience in many ways and one effective way to design your logo using the simplistic ethos is to use triangles and corners. These geometric shapes make your company seem stable and conforming, which is something many of us crave each day. Simple triangles can be used to represent movement, much in the way the Nike “swoosh” does.

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Linked Logos

Logos are used as metaphors which communicate your brand’s message without words. Using links is a minimalistic way to tell your customers you are connected and strong, this is a powerful message that users will connect with emotionally and gain trust in your brand.

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Raise the Bar

Just like using triangles and corners in your simple logo design, bars can be used to create uniformity and describe the stability of your brand. Every day our lives are filled with chaos, so minimal logos which incorporate patterns we can easily understand offer solace amidst the clatter.

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Logo Design for the Future

Did you notice that although all these logos are certainly minimal in design seven out of eight of them are also “flat” design. This trend is not slowing down and small businesses and start-ups are encouraged to adopt these design tricks when considering their logo. Today logos must:

  • Transcend different sized screens.

  • Act as a metaphor for your brand’s message.

  • Cut through the noise of 21st Century life.

Your logo should be created ASAP – As Simple As Possible and use strategic design to enhance your message, rather than confuse it. 

I hope you enjoyed this guest piece and found the points above helpful when you go to create or redesign your logo.


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