How to use awareness days in your marketing strategy

Awareness Days 2017




If you have never thought about planning for and using awareness days for your business or blog, then this may get you thinking. There are tons of awareness days every year, so choosing the right one for you can be tricky, but all you need to remember, is how it relates to your business. If it doesn't then pass on it, if it does then you need to find an interesting angle. Not because you are taking part in an awareness days, doesn't necessarily mean it will pay off. There will be quite a few other individuals or businesses doing great deeds with each awareness day.

To stand out, you need to do something that is so unique to you and your business that it intrigues your audience. Some of the most popular awareness days that you may already be aware of includes Christmas, Valentines Day, Festival of Sleep Day or Fairtrade Fortnight. Although there are so many, you should be able to make a link with some of these events, so it has a genuine connection with your business and brand.

Choose what days you would like to celebrate and create your marketing strategy around it. This could be in the form of free content, doing a challenge for charity or even teaming up with another business to run a giveaway or even an event.

Once you've pinpointed what you want to do, it would be a great idea to contact local charities or the press to let them know what you are planning. Editors are constantly receiving press releases for awareness days, so should you decide to go down this route, make sure you choose something that's unique and exciting, this way they will want to read more and tell everyone about it.



Here are a few ways you can use Awareness Days to increase your marketing strategy:


1. Be unique and exciting with the awareness day you choose to get involved with, for instance, how much fun could you have on National Curry Week of other National Weeks during the year?

2. Change up your usual marketing strategies, so they match what you are celebrating. Do this for all your mailouts, add it to your website, create a press release, run competitions etc.

3. You can also run a charity event, depending on the awareness. I am an avid supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and believe it's something we need to get under control, sooner rather than later. If there is an awareness day you also feel strongly about, you can run an event and invite as many people as you can to not only raise funding, but much needed awareness.

4. Don't be afraid to collaborate with other business, who are within your niche or even from another sector, that compliments your chosen awareness day. You could both host an on-line or run a webinar that offers discounts to your customers who take part.

The list of things you can do to help raise awareness are endless, you can be as creative as you like and in the end of it all, it's for a great cause. We all know how important some of these awareness days are, so to include it within your marketing strategy, will help to keep this awareness growing.