How to Use Content to Create Customers

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Guest article by Laura Rice at Your Content Creator


Each customer is a key part of your business, and creating content is still an enormously effective way to advertise and gain new customers. When you’re creating website content you have to be strategic and allow your businesses values shine through. This can really help to create a better brand awareness. We’ve put together this short guide on how to use your content to create new customers as well as retain loyal ones.


Consistency is Key

Consistency plays a strong role in content creation and building brand awareness. Scheduling days to post your blog posts and social media posts will familiarise customers with your process. Your audience will come to expect your posts, and even look forward to reading them. Think about it this way; there is an item that you purchase regularly. To purchase this item would you choose to visit a shop where you knew they had a stock delivery every Wednesday, or would you take your chance on another shop, which may or may not have your item in stock? People are naturally more comfortable with familiarity, and your content posting is no exception to this rule. Make a schedule and stick to it. 


Brand Awareness - Know What Your Customers Want

Keeping each customer engaged in your content may seem difficult and if you don’t know what type of content to post, then it is. Conduct research and learn what your competitors are posting and what your potential customers are interested in reading. Your aim should always be to add value first and foremost. This could be in the form of a “How to” guide, an inspirational social media post, or a fantastic promotional offer that is going to save your customers money. Customers are not going to respond to “hard selling”. Those days are long gone, and if they don't find anything of value to them on your website, blog, or social media page, they will certainly look elsewhere. 


Honesty is the Best Policy

Your customers want to know everything about your business, even the smaller and less interesting details that you may not think are important. Always be open and honest with your customers so they aren’t getting false information. Never exaggerate your skills or take on a job that you are not sure you can handle. If a customer or client asks for a project completed that is beyond your skill-set, refer them onto someone who is able to complete the job. It may sound counterproductive. It is surprising, but people respect honesty and when they see it coming from a company or brand they are more likely to stay loyal. If a customer or client asks for a project completed that is beyond your skill-set, refer them onto someone more 



Answer Essential Questions

Dedicate a whole article on answering your customers' most frequently asked questions, or maybe a page on your website. Whatever you choose, having content that answers your customers' critical issues and questions will show that you’re listening to them. New customers are frequently created through word of mouth and social media. Listening to your customers and answering their questions will get your current customers talking and therefore increase brand awareness while bringing in new customers. Having this content will also help anyone who is visiting your website gain more information without too much hassle or looking too far.


Simplify the Process

People online don't want to endure long, complicated processes. They want to get as much information as they can in the quickest time-frame possible. Look over your entire process and content, and if you can make it simpler and quicker for your customers to get an end result, change it. 


Show Real Customer Reviews or Stories

Customers respect the opinions and stories of other customers. Reach out to your previous customers and ask them if they can share their story or write a review. Don’t worry about it being negative or having both positive and negative themes within it. This is a great start to showing your customers you are a real brand with a story and that you’re not just corporate advertisements. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend having content that is solely negative, ensure there is a balance of both. If you are only getting negative reviews, you need to take a long look at your entire strategy to fix whatever needs fixing. 


Create Themes

Rather than producing random content that doesn’t make a lot of sense, or content that only aims to sell, provide content that adds value. Creating patterns and a persona that your customer can relate too within your content proves as beneficial to both your business and the reader. Therefore, it is essential your writing is focused and direct without being too promotional and pushy. Instead of writing the content yourself (as your writing may naturally sound more promotional because you want more customers!) hiring a professional is definitely the way forward. You can explain what themes you want to create, and they can do it without putting any stress on yourself. 

By following these few tips, you will be well on your way to gathering new customers, making a newly branded name for yourself, and gaining a new depth of brand awareness. Before you know it, you will have too many customers! Keep in mind that content needs to always provide help and add value to your customer's experience and you shouldn’t shy away from the truth.