Situations you might not realise you can Talk to HR about for Help and Advice

Situations you might not realise you can Talk to HR about for Help and Advice.png

Despite the emphasis that is often placed on HR departments in this day and age, it can sometimes be confusing deciding whether an issue is important or relevant enough to take up with human resource professionals. In theory, minor issues should be dealt with between management or your colleagues, however there are circumstances that you can bring up with HR that you may not be aware of. Julie Rutherford, Head of HR at Hillarys, has come up with a list of less obvious situations that you can bring up with HR, so if you’re experiencing any of these problems perhaps it’s time to schedule a meeting…


Financial problems

Personal debts can have a huge impact on the mind-set of employees at work, impacting their ability to perform. Employees can seek support for their mental health and wellbeing as well as advice for how to handle their financial issues. HR departments can also put employees in touch with more specific debt management services, helping put them firmly back on track.


Ill health

Employee health and wellbeing is crucial to an efficient workplace, so it makes sense that this is a key focus for almost all HR departments. Indeed, it has been proven over and over again that investing in employee wellbeing has hugely positive impacts on resilience and productivity and HR professionals play a pivotal role in this. Whilst too many of us rely on a quick fix, if you’re feeling unwell mentally or physically and don’t know where to go for help, your HR department can help you out. They can also put you in contact with relevant services, such as doctors and mental health professionals.


Family challenges

For working parents, the stress of juggling your children’s commitments alongside a busy working life can take its toll, however, as with any other employee suffering from issues at home, you are able to bring this up with HR. Stress can impact concentration and productivity, especially when you feel you’re missing out on crucial parts of your child’s life. HR and your line manager may be able to work with your hours, compressing them in some cases or helping make them more flexible in order to relieve some of this stress, so that you can be there for your children and still get work done.


Career growth

If you’ve been in the same position for a number of years now and are concerned about how you can grow, human resource departments don’t just help with workplace disputes, they can also help with expanding your career opportunities.  What’s more, they can help with career development, employee training and education to help mentor you to make the right career changes for progression.


Staff disputes

If someone has made you feel uncomfortable at work, or you find yourself getting distracted by a co-worker’s loud talking, it might surprise you that this is actually an appropriate time to approach HR departments. HR staff may have more pressing issues to handle than loud chewing, and so we recommend attempting to solve the problem between yourselves, however if you come to no resolve they are there to provide advice and intervene if necessary.


If you feel harassed

If you feel like you are being harassed in any form by a member of staff about your race, sex, religion, disability or age then the business has an obligation to investigate this. Your line manager will often direct you straight to the HR team for more serious cases, so cut out the middle man and go straight there. The HR team are professionals at handling cases such as these and will know more about how best to proceed, so make sure you seek advice and guidance.