Steps to Take Before Committing to an E-Commerce Provider

In association with Shopify

In association with Shopify


Online entrepreneurs are well aware of the many benefits associated with modern ecommerce software. Not only can this digital architecture generate leads and result in higher profit margins, but the entire concept of efficient website management will be vastly improved. However, there are numerous third-party firms currently on the market. The main problem is that each of them claims that their utilities and tools are the best in the business. How can freelancers make an informed decision without partnering with a less-than-reputable organisation? Let us answer this question by first taking a look at some factors to avoid before moving on to list a handful of traits which tend to signify a worthwhile software application. 

Common E-Commerce Pitfalls

It can be argued that a lack of flexibility is the most common symptom of a substandard solution. Some e-commerce architecture has been developed with a one-size-fits-all mentality in mind. While this might have been sufficient when only a handful of freelancers were present within the digital retail community, such a trait will now hinder the growth of a budding business. E-commerce solutions should possess the potential be adapted around the needs of the enterprise in question.

Another major issue involves a very complicated user interface (UX). Some packages assume that the business owner already has a background in coding. Not only can this lead to problems in terms of overall website design, but even making minor changes may take hours at a time before they are able to go live. Let's also not forget to mention that devoting so much time towards web development may place other core business necessities such as sales and client engagement in jeopardy. Always choose a platform which boasts a user-friendly edge in order to avoid such situations.

What Signals a Reputable E-Commerce Solution?

Reputation goes a long way towards a reliable e-commerce provider. While this entire industry is still relatively young, the fact of the matter is that larger platforms such as Shopify have already partnered with major international organisations. Thus, it is clear that the associated utilities and tools are certainly up to par. 

Another signal of a great solution revolves around customer feedback. What have business owners such as yourself had to say about their experiences? While it is not uncommon to read the occasional negative review, worthwhile firms should always be associated with positive feedback. Reading these analyses will also provide you with a unique level of insight so that the correct choice can be made at the appropriate time. 

Finally, look at pricing plans. How many options do you have and how do such fees compare to other competitors? Be careful not to pay an exorbitant amount to obtain such services, as such a financial commitment can quickly eat into a limited budget. It is also wise to choose a platform which offers a free trial period. 

If you are less than satisfied with your current e-commerce solution, please make it a point to keep these suggestions in mind.