The Benefits of Online Short Courses



Many people are aware of the advantages of traditional academic programmes, but the benefits of online short courses are often neglected. There are plenty of universities, colleges, and professional bodies that offer short courses as they give you the chance to rapidly update and adapt your skillset. Furthermore, they allow you to strengthen certain aspects of your CV; opening the door to promotions in your current workplace and potential new career prospects.

So, why should you take the plunge and enrol on an online short course


They provide a great addition to your CV

Studying an online short course is a brilliant way to add to your qualifications. It is a quick way to enhance your CV, and it can enrich your experience in the workplace. Signing up for an online programme is an active way of showing your bosses that you are ready for that promotion, or it can make you a more attractive prospect to potential employers. Ultimately, a short course demonstrates that you are actively dedicated to continual self-development.


They build on skills you have gained in the workplace

Studying an online short course allows you to continue obtaining experience at work while attaining credentials to certify the skills you have learned. In addition, a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited short course gives you an official qualification and a speedy route to starting a different business role as well as helping you specialise in a particular field. 


They provide a large return for a small investment

Online academic programmes offer terrific value for money as they provide a certified qualification for a lower price than studying in a traditional on-campus setting. A small initial investment, in the form of a one-off programme fee, can pay tremendous dividends by providing access to study a short course that will potentially expand your career prospects and maximise your long-term earning potential.


You can expand your professional development

If you’re looking to fill a gap in your knowledge, or gain a step up on the competition for a job promotion, short courses are the perfect solution. Learning online allows you to continue working while you gain academic knowledge applicable to situations you may experience in the workplace. Furthermore, studying an online short course not only provides new skills, it shows your employer that you possess a strong work ethic and you are eager to add value to the organisation.


They are flexible and work around your needs

Enrolling on an online short course does not necessarily mean you have fixed time parameters and deadlines to meet. The beauty of studying online is that much of it works around your needs and requirements.

For example, if you have a presentation at work you need to complete or a series of meetings you need to attend, learning online gives you the flexibility to adjust your study load and the freedom to access the course materials when you’re ready. Studying a short course online means you can work at a rhythm and pace to suit you, which is something that a traditional educational setting cannot offer.


You can test whether a career is right for you

If you were looking to purchase a car, you may like the sound of the specifications and think it looks great - but you would want to give it a test drive. Online education is no different. Perhaps you want to do a degree programme in corporate finance; studying a finance-based short course online is a good way of gaining insight into the programme and seeing if it is right for you, without having to heavily invest your time or money. If you then decide the course suits your needs, you have formed a solid foundation of knowledge to actively pursue the programme further.


They keep your mind active

If you are in-between jobs or waiting for some inspiration in finding a career that’s just right for you, a short course will certainly put you in good stead. Studying an online short course demonstrates to potential employers that you are not resting on your laurels and you are keeping active by gaining new knowledge and skills. Also, while you have a little bit of time on your hands, you can direct your attention to finding a programme that best suits your future career path and you can gain a qualification to impress recruiters in this field.


You can learn for pleasure, not business

Studying a short course online does not necessarily have to be for career advancement; short courses are a great way to explore your personal pursuits or start a new hobby. Whether it’s exploring the arts or topics such as business, marketing and finance; short courses provide a wide choice of diverse topics and may open up your mind to interests you never considered exploring.