The top 25 most popular hashtags on Instagram

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags


Instagram is steaming ahead when it comes to increasing website conversions and sales online. This is the number one platform for hashtags, with Twitter following behind, so if there is anything you will need to learn before you decide to kick off your Instagram account; it's what hashtags are popping.


Before you go ahead and add all 25 of these hashtags to your Instagram photos, remember that your niche is the most important thing here. Not because these are the most popular at the moment, doesn't necessarily mean it's right for your business. Also, with being the most popular, it means your photo will disappear amidst everyone else trying to use the most popular hashtags to be seen, so be smart and stick to your niche to get the engagement you need.


Here they are in order of the most popular to the least popular:




























I hope some of these will relate to your niche, so you can start increasing engagement on Instagram. Be sure to take awesome pictures to match your brand and encourage people to follow and enjoy your feed. As with most things, quality is important, so even if you use all of these hashtags or you narrow your niche down to 20 amazing hashtags that you've seen convert, you still need quality images and content to keep people interested.

If you would like to find out what hashtags are working for your niche, here's a quick cheeky tip. Go to the most popular Instagram page for your niche, have a look at their hashtags and test those. Of course they may not convert straight away and will need a combination of quality posts and frequency to keep your audience interested. As odd as it may be to some of you, Instagram is a great place to look at your competition and use that information to increase your conversions. Happy hashtagging!