Top 3 reasons why you should Upskill your Staff

In association with Essilor for ECP's

In association with Essilor for ECP's


No matter what type of business you have, it is only as good as your staff. It is key that as a business owner, or manager, you are able to retain your staff and ensure they feel valued and looked after. This is true no matter the business type you have; whether you are trying to grow your optometry practice, looking to improve your financial firm or transform your marketing business.

Your staff are the very backbone of your business, particularly if you are providing a service to customers, such as medical advice. It’s important that your team are confident and knowledgeable in their field, and you can help them achieve this by providing opportunities to upskill your staff.  

So, what are the top 3 reasons for upskilling your staff and what difference can it make to your employees’ experience at work?


Better customer service 

Investing in your staff is the number one way of improving the customer service your team can give. In many industries, customer service is the most important aspect of your business; after all, if your customers aren’t happy with your service, they will simply go elsewhere.

If yourstaff are able to provide an efficient and helpful service, not only will they feel satisfied in their role, but it will show through the business’ reputation. Whether you need to train staff on new equipment or teach a new skill, it can have a positive outcome on the whole business as well as their own personal development.


Staff productivity 

This leads to the next reason for upskilling your staff. If your team are feeling more confident and more knowledgeable, they are likely to work harder and be able to get more done throughout the day. What’s more, giving your staff new skills can mean they’re able to get involved in different areas of the business. 

Keeping your staff motivated is also an important part of a successful business. Sending your team on learning training courses could mean they come back re-energised and ready to put new skills into practice. 


Decrease in staff turnover

If you have sent your staff on training courses, equipped them with new skills and allowed them to understand wider aspects of your business, you will see a huge change in staff turnover. Whether you previously struggled with retaining staff or not, by upskilling your staff you will find a huge decrease in staff turnover. 

By making sure your staff are self-assured in their job, they will no longer feel as though they need to go elsewhere for job satisfaction.

Whether you are an established business looking for ways to improve, or you are a brand new start-up, it’s key to start with your staff and make sure they are happy. After all, they are the ones who will drive your business forward.