Using Microsoft Surface Hub 2 as a Collaboration Tool

In association with Kinly

In association with Kinly


Collaboration is one of the most important things for any workplace in the modern-day – working together solves problems faster, generates more ideas, and creates a culture of teamwork that every company can benefit from. Using tools that enhance the way that you collaborate in the workplace helps you and your staff work together more effectively, which can only be a step forward in the business environment! Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is one of the freshest devices on the market when it comes to collaboration and conferencing, so check out our guide to using the high power touch-screen device as your newest meeting room tool below!

The Technical Aspects

First up, let’s take a look at what you’re getting with Surface Hub 2 in terms of its technical make-up. On the face of it, it’s a high-powered touch screen device that acts as a presentation screen, interactive whiteboard, and much more – it’s so much more than just a way to showcase your work in a meeting setting. With integrated pen and touch functionality and OneDrive compatibility, you’ll be able to manipulate and control your work, files, presentations in more ways than you ever have before and there’s also multi-user functionality, so you can work as a team on Surface Hub 2 for a more cohesive workplace collaboration experience.

The 4K camera and improved microphone make remote meetings a seamless, stress-free event – it looks, feels and sounds as if they’re in the room, even if they’re thousands of miles away using Microsoft Teams Rooms and Skype – you can even use the platforms that you’re familiar with to help you get stuck straight in with the Surface Hub 2!

Take the Surface Hub with you for meetings on the move or in new locations with the improved size, weight, and battery designs, or place the device on one of the specifically tailored stands for the ability to wheel the Surface Hub 2 around with ease. The large 50.5-inch screen gives a clear view of the on-screen content or video-call to everyone around the room, making the device an all-in-one collaborative tool for the modern workspace.

How Can You Use It in The Workplace?

The opportunities are open with the Surface Hub 2 – use it as a way to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues on a single screen, present ideas in conferences, or connect to remote colleagues and clients who are located across the globe! When you create a tailored collaboration space with Surface Hub 2 at the heart, you’ll be able to completely revolutionise the way that you and your company work together, so you’ll be opening up opportunities for a greater flow of ideas, more input with problem-solving, and a more connected all-round workplace culture. Thanks to the sleek edge designs, you can combine the screens to create one larger surface platform that’s ideal when mounted on the wall – the screens are also rotation responsive, allowing you to use the ultra-HD screen in more ways than you’d imagine at the first glance.

Making Collaboration Easier

It’s easy to see how the Surface Hub 2 makes collaboration easier, with the innovative, intelligent, yet still incredibly user-friendly feel broadening the ways that you can work collaboratively both in-person and remotely. Thanks to the Teams Rooms and Skype integration, it’s so simple to get in touch with colleagues who work remotely, so you never have to feel removed from the situation or out of the loop just because you can’t have a conversation in the office – the 4K camera makes it feel as if you’re face to face, so you don’t miss those facial cues, emotions, and reactions that are immensely important to the flow of a meeting that can sometimes get lost through messaging.

You can use the Surface Hub 2 as a standalone device, but with a custom-built conference room solution, you can make the surface hub the centre of attention and properly utilise it to the full capacity of its powers. With the Surface Hub fully optimised, you’ll see that you can truly revolutionise the ways that you connect in the workplace, presenting you with the opportunity to step forward into a new age of collaboration backed by the latest technology on the market.

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